“KBL Ambassador!” was the positive nickname that followed Busan KCC star Heo Woong (31‧183.5cm) until recently. Heo was a treasure in the KBL. He was the only player in the league to have a big and loyal fan club, and his popularity was one of the best among active players. In terms of overall potential, overseas players Lee Hyun-joong (24-202 cm) and Yeo Jun-seok (22-203 cm) cannot be ignored, but in terms of popularity and marketability, Heo Woong has no immediate comparison.

In addition to being the son of Heo Jae, Heo Woong had all the elements that fans of today’s generation love, such as his handsome appearance, quiet yet bright and gentle image, and schoolboy style. His younger brother Heo Hoon (29‧180cm) is also very popular, but there is a big gap between him and Heo Woong. He even summoned Lee Sang-min, 스포츠토토사이트 one of the most popular players in the history of professional basketball.

On a positive note, Heo has utilized his fame to promote basketball. By appearing on various entertainment programs, Heo Woong’s face was recognized by non-basketball fans, which led to a virtuous cycle of new fans. Of course, it wasn’t solely for that reason, but it did have a positive impact on the sport’s popularity.

Heo Woong also received applause from basketball fans when he and his brother Heo Hoon said, “We will do our best to promote the popularity of basketball.” This good image also led to a sentiment among fans that “the father did the wrong thing, so let’s not criticize the sons” during the Day One incident. He was recognized for his contribution to the popularity of basketball.

There is a saying that it is better to do one thing you don’t like than to do ten things you do like. It means that no matter how good you are, one thing can bring down a tower of strength. This is exactly what happened to He Wong. Heung is currently facing charges of attempted extortion, blackmail, and violation of stalking laws after his ex-girlfriend, A, filed a lawsuit against him on Feb. 26, revealing two pregnancies and an abortion that has caused widespread uproar in the basketball world and society at large.

Fans were shocked by the news. Fans have been criticizing Heo Woong for his second abortion, especially the part where he said, “I can take responsibility, but I think I should think about getting married.” Heo Woong probably didn’t expect this much backlash. I don’t think Heo Woong could have anticipated the backlash.

As the fans’ criticisms intensified, Heo Woong’s camp responded through a media outlet, saying, “The statement that he should consider marriage is factually incorrect. Heo Woong changed his stance, saying that he tried to marry his girlfriend every time she got pregnant twice, but the controversy over the change of words only led to a mudslinging controversy.

Heo’s professional life has been one of overcoming. He was often called up to the national team when his father was the national coach, and fans debated whether he had what it took to beat out the big names. This was especially noisy since the controversy over preferential selection for the youth national team.

If Heo had remained at his current level, he might still be a scarlet letter today. However, he has since worked hard and has developed the skills to be a good, if not the best, shooting guard in the league. While it was his younger brother who shined the brightest in the last championship game, Heo Wong also played a big role in the team’s victory and was named the Finals MVP.

In terms of hard work and growth, he deserves to be recognized. Even those who underestimated Huo Weng have to admit that. Although there are still occasional references to the time of his selection, Heo has overcome much of that through growth. In addition, his leadership skills have been recognized for his ability to include his teammates.

So it seemed that his best days were ahead of him, but the recent issues have put the brakes on. In an interview with a media outlet, he said, “My father is also a victim of the Day One incident. I hope the day will come when he comes back and works hard for Korean basketball,’ he said, causing a stir among basketball fans. Although it was not widely publicized, he said, ‘There are many people who are still unable to receive money due to the incident, but it seems like a thoughtless remark. He shouldn’t have said it even if he was thinking that way,” and the other side of the argument was, “He’s a father, so he might be thinking that way from his son’s point of view.

Then, some time later, a sensitive pregnancy and abortion case broke out in the public sentiment, and the fans’ reactions are getting colder by the hour. This is because the quality is too poor to be judged solely on truth or responsibility. In particular, parents who have given birth to children are shocked by Ms. A’s comments about abortion at 22 weeks of pregnancy. Some even said that they hoped she was mistaken about the timing. Of course, the jury is still out on this one.

In July 2019, a policy discussion on legislative issues following the Constitutional Decision on Abortion was held, and many of the doctors who participated strongly expressed the opinion that it is medically unacceptable to determine the threshold for abortion up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Obstetricians and gynecologists, who know fetuses better than anyone else, agreed that aborting a 22-week-old child is tantamount to murder. A quote from Dr. Hong Soon-cheol, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Korea University Hospital, in a medical newspaper that reported on the case, is thought-provoking.

“Even a 10-week-old fetus desperately avoids the needle for prenatal testing for malformations. At 22 weeks, there is nothing to say. It’s a human being with fully formed organs, arms, legs, and even pain. They just can’t express that it hurts.”

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