GS Caltex hosted a ‘Thank you Membership in Cheongpyeong’ event at Cheongpyeong Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do, on the 15th to communicate with fans. This is the second time GS Caltex has invited fans to Cheongpyeong since the opening of Cheongpyeong Gymnasium in 2019. At the event, 13 members of the team, including Kim Ji-won and Moon Ji-yoon, who were selected for the 2024 Volleyball Nations League (VNL), met with fans.

70 fans traveled to Cheongpyeong with excitement. When they got off at Cheongpyeong Station, a bus organized by the club was waiting for them. They arrived at the clubhouse comfortably. After looking at the photos and trophies of GS Caltex’s history, 토토사이트 순위 we started to interact with the players through a volleyball clinic.

The awkwardness was short-lived. The fans’ eyes lit up during the volleyball clinic, which was divided into four groups. The coaches and players’ enthusiastic guidance ignited the fans’ enthusiasm. After learning basic volleyball skills such as attacking and blocking stabs, receiving, and sets, the teams were divided into teams to play mini-games. The tension was as intense as the actual game. There were nervous battles over whether an in or out was called. The fans and players became closer and the time flew by.

After the clinic, the fans and players enjoyed recreational activities such as tug-of-war and air balloon defense, as well as time to interact more closely with the players during refreshments.

The smiles of satisfaction on the participants’ faces were evident. Mr. Jonghoon Yoo, 35, and Ms. Yumi Choi, 35, from Gwanak-gu, Seoul, attended the event with their 30-month-old daughter, Soi Yang. Mr. Yoo said, “We have been supporting GS Caltex since we were dating. We went to the training camp together last year.” “It feels like a dream to play with the players I admire. The first thing is not to get injured. I hope I can play well next season without any injuries.”

GS Caltex continues to organize such events to connect with fans. In the 2021-2022 season, they limited the number of people to 300 or less due to COVID-19 distancing, but they did not skip the fan appreciation event ‘Spring Volleyball with Us’. Last season, they held “Kicks Maru 2022 with Fans,” and this season, they invited fans to their off-season training camp in Japan for the first time in the V-League.

Kim Sun-wook, the marketing manager who organized the event, said, “At the end of every season, we hold an event for our fans who have supported us. This time, the timing was a little later. We’ve held open training sessions at Jangchung Gymnasium, but this time we thought, ‘Why don’t we do it somewhere different?’ It’s (relatively) far away, but many fans applied. We decided on the concept of a “one-team” with the manager, coaching staff, front desk, and fans wearing matching outfits. We will continue to organize many events to interact with fans.”

GS Caltex coach Lee Young-taek said, “It’s fun. I feel close to the fans, and I hope to have more time to communicate with them in the future.”

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