September 30, 2023, the 14th day

After entering Hangzhou, I met Shin Yu-bin three times in the mixed zone. Interestingly, the atmosphere felt in the expression was different every time we met.

The first was after the defeat. Shin played in the women’s team event and knelt in the semifinals against Japan. He was pushed back to 1-3 in the match score, but Shin Yu-bin lost twice. It was a difficult result to accept for Shin Yu-bin, who has to play the role of ace.

For this reason, the theme of the first meeting was “complexity.”

Shin Yu-bin couldn’t hide his disappointed expression and even tears were in his eyes while continuing to answer. Along with regret, it was an expression of regret that he could not play the role of the youngest and ace.

And on the 29th, he conducted an interview after an easy 4-0 victory in the round of 16 singles. Shin Yu-bin said, “I’m naturally bright,” stressing that there is no regret for the team event anymore. He also posed directly to the reporters’ request for photos, saying, “Shall we do a V?”

It was a “satisfaction” that reflected his evaluation that “he played a good games well.

And in the third conversation after advancing to the semifinals, laughter was wide. It was a smile of joy. Shin Yu-bin said, “It’s amazing that I’ve secured three medals. “The Asian Games are so much fun,” he said, expressing his feelings to his heart’s content. The photo pose of the day was a heart.

In three different atmospheres, Shin Yu-bin’s weapon was honesty. It was a 19-year-old girl herself, who was appropriate to express what she liked when she felt good and what she felt bad.

Looking at this, I think that other players can express their feelings a little more honestly. Quite a few players find it difficult to talk about themselves. They answer questions, but they are often just ‘answers’.

Of course, I understand. It is fully acceptable to be careful because a word can be conveyed differently from what one intends. It is clear that the media is partly responsible for this situation.

However, answers that do not convey emotions sometimes lead to bigger misunderstandings. He says, “I’m happy,” but if he doesn’t look at all, he suspects, “Is it true that I’m really happy?” It can be felt as a commonly referred to as a “soulless answer.”

The conversation doesn’t just end with exchanging words. They make eye contact, look at the other person’s expression, and feel the tone of their voice.

After all, it’s a process of sharing emotions. All emotions, such as joy, sadness, self-blame, and sorry, do not come from words alone. The power of interviews facing each other is right here.

So let’s put a bit of pressure down, you can be more honest! 스포츠토토

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