Lim Chan-kyu was the first internal FA player of the LG Twins to sign the seal.

LG announced on the 20th, “We signed a total of 5 billion won with a four-year contract period, 600 million won down payment, 2 billion won in annual salary, and 2.4 billion won in incentives with a free agent (FA) player Lim Chan-kyu.”

Lim Chan-kyu, who wore a pinstrip uniform as the No. 1 overall pick in the first round of the 2011 rookie draft, worked in 65 games and 82 ⅔ in his debut season, winning 9 wins, 6 losses and 7 saves. Since then, he has moved back and forth between selection and relief, and in 2018, he played 146 ⅔ in 29 games, winning 11 wins, 11 losses, and 1 save, achieving his first regular innings and double-digit victory.

Lim became an FA after the end of last season, but chose to become a “recruiter.” Lim chose to become a “one of God’s moves.” He pitched in the stipulated innings of 144 ⅔s in 30 games and posted an ERA of 3.42 to lead his team to a combined win for the first time in 29 years by solidifying the LG mound as he secured the most wins among Korean pitchers with 14 wins, three losses and one hold. It was a perfect season for both individuals and for the team. 토토사이트

Lim Chan-kyu, who finished his contract, said, “I’m glad that Elin can continue to wear a striker uniform that I’m proud of as a native. I didn’t think about other clubs. I wanted to continue to be a player for the LG Twins, but I thank the club for signing a good contract.”

He added, “Thanks to the fans who always cheer passionately, I think I was able to achieve the best results of this season. I was able to feel the power of our fans once again, and I will prepare to produce good results next year and the year after so that fans can always smile.”

“He is an essential player as a representative player of the team. He has played a big role in helping the team win the unified championship by leading the younger teammates through positive influences,” the team said. “Especially this season, I recorded career highs, which made me look forward to the next season even more. I will lead the team in a good direction as well as my own performance.”

Cha talked about negotiations with Lim several times in public. At the 2023 Nutrition Day Ilgu Awards ceremony held on the 8th, Cha said in an interview after winning the “Front Award,” “Even 1.2 million spectators were difficult, and winning the title in 29 years was even more difficult. The most difficult thing is Lim Chan-kyu’s contract as an FA.”

Cha said, “I’d like you to stamp your seal while you’re here. The relationship has changed. I need to make an assessment on Lim. I look forward to your kind cooperation. Please don’t go and sign my autograph.” Lim Chan-kyu, who attended the ceremony, said, “I left my stamp at home.”

On YouTube Live held on the 21st, he said, “There is a player who has almost reached an agreement, so I think I can deliver the contents soon. I think one player is done because we are almost there,” and the news of his contract with Lim Chan-kyu was immediately reported.

The notable part of the contract is the option. Of the total 5 billion won, the option is 2.4 billion won, which is half of the total amount. After the contract, Cha Myung-seok, the general manager, explained, “I wanted the total amount to look large, and we agreed to put on a safety device.”

It is also a contract that expresses the player’s commitment to perform his role without controversy over whether to eat or not. Regarding the terms of options, Cha Myung-seok, the team’s general manager, explained, “If you don’t get sick and play the season normally, you can get everything. If you do it just like this year, you can get everything.”

“He is a necessary pitcher for us,” Cha said of Lim, adding, “It is something to celebrate because we overcame (the ups and downs) well and made good results this year. I hope he will continue to play such a good role in the future. I hope he continues to do as he does this year.”

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