The Home Office is seeking public input on a draft government proposal for a new gambling law, a major reform plan outlined in the government plan. Under the proposal, Veikkaus Oy will no longer maintain a monopoly on betting, online slot machines and casino games. These gambling activities will be open to the competition through a new licensing system.

The proposal was created by a working group under the interior ministry, guided by a political operations group of secretaries of state. The consultation period on the proposal ends on August 18, 2024.

Current gambling monopoly and unregulated markets:

Currently, Veikkaus Oy has exclusive rights to provide gambling services in Finland. However, much of online gambling comes outside of this monopoly, with many companies offering online gambling services that are not supervised by Finnish authorities outside of state regulations.

The proposed legislation would establish a framework for gambling and its supervision licensed within Finland. Under the new licensing system, gambling operators can apply for permission to provide gambling games to the Finnish Supervisory Service. The measure aims to reduce gambling-related damage and convert gambling activities into a regulated environment.

Licenses are granted for certain gambling activities, including the provision of game software. Licensees are also required to pay annual supervisory fees to regulators.

Lottery, pools, totalizer bets, physical slot machines and casino games still require exclusive licenses, so you can effectively maintain Veikkaus Oy’s exclusivity on these games, such as lottery games and scratch cards.

The proposal suggests that other companies within the Beikaus Group will manage their monopoly activities and rivals. The government will determine the annual compensation Beikaus pays for the exclusive license. The new legislation will also provide the state with more flexibility in future decisions regarding ownership of Beikaus cucumbers, allowing them to reduce their holdings if deemed potentially beneficial to shareholder value. The proposed changes do not automatically entail a reduction in state ownership.

Regulation of gambling behavior:

The draft law includes provisions on gambler registration, identification and residence verification, age limits, gambling through registered accounts, and more. It also proposes a centralised registration of self-imposed gambling bans applicable to all licensed operators.

Marketing and sponsorship of gambling games will also be regulated. Licensed operators will be able to advertise their services under certain restrictions, but account collaboration with social media influencers will be prohibited. Marketing should be moderate to drive demand with licensed gambling. Marketing for high-risk gambling games will be banned, and physical slot machines and casino games remaining under Baykaus’ monopoly will not be able to be marketed. Marketing efforts could not be targeted at minors or vulnerable groups.

The current supervisory role of the police department will be transferred to the newly proposed Finnish supervisory authority under the finance ministry. The agency will have broad powers to enforce regulations including imposing administrative sanctions, banning illegal gambling activities, revoking licenses and enforcing compliance with fine payments. It will also have the power to conduct test purchases to monitor compliance.

The agency can impose administrative fines and financial penalties for violations and will oversee compliance with money laundering and anti-terrorism financing laws.

Network blocking and payment blocking measures will prevent unlicensed gambling, drive demand with licensing and regulatory options and strengthen gambling-related damage prevention, according to a press release from Finland’s interior ministry.

The Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare will continue to monitor, study, and evaluate gambling and its related damage. Projects to prevent and reduce gambling-related damage will be able to provide discretionary government subsidies. 프라그마틱 슬롯 사이트

The government aims to submit the proposal to Congress in the spring session of 2025, with the new system set to be phased in. Applications for gambling licenses will begin in early 2026, with licensed operations beginning in early 2027. Beikaus Oi will remain exclusive until the end of 2026. Games software licensing applications will begin in early 2027, with requirements for licensed game software providers taking effect in 2028.

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