Taiwan’s Hwang Yu-rin, who ran to the end and made Korea cry, “Tears” at the National Sports Festival in his country

It must be really difficult to put down the joy of victory to the end and run with all your might.

According to Taiwanese media such as the Korea Roller Sports Federation and Friday’s newspaper on the 14th, a scene that would feel like a “deja vu” to Korean and Taiwanese sports fans was staged in Tainan, Taiwan the previous day.

The men’s 1,000m roller skating competition at the Taiwan National Sports Festival was held, and the previous runner was overturned while performing a ceremony.

He enjoyed the joy of victory by clenching his fists just before crossing the finish line. However, the player who followed did not give up until the end and pushed out his left foot all the way to make a turnaround.

The gap between the first place (1:27:202) and the second place (1:27:172) was only 0.03 seconds.

What’s more surprising, however, is that Hwang Yu-rin, the protagonist of the Taiwanese national team’s reversal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

At the 3,000m relay race at the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 2nd, Hwang Yu-rin created a scene that could be considered one of the top 10 “highlights” scenes of the competition in all events.

At the last lap, Korea’s victory seemed certain.

South Korea’s last runner, Jung Chul-won, held a ceremony by raising his arms in anticipation of victory.

However, Hwang Yu-rin, who was following, sprinted to the end and pushed his left foot all the way to the finish line.

The result was a 0.01 second victory for Taiwan.

The Taiwanese players, who made a thrilling come-from-behind victory, cheered, and the Korean players shook their heads.

The fact that Jung Chul-won and his colleague Choi In-ho (Nonsan City Hall), who raced with him, have yet to fulfill their military service, made the game look more dramatic. 스포츠토토

If South Korea had won the gold medal on this day, the two could receive military service exemption.

Hwang Wi-rin, who gave them a painful defeat, said after the game, “I saw the opponent celebrating. I wanted to tell you the fact that I was still fighting while they were celebrating,” he said.

However, in less than 15 days, he was defeated by an opponent who “fought to the end.”

If you look at the picture of crossing the finish line of the two competitions, only the “posture” of the players has changed, but the “pose” of the players is almost identical.

Taiwanese sports fans are making and watching a ‘gifbang’ that connects the two pictures.

Zhao Zheng was the athlete who came from behind to win the Taiwan National Sports Festival, a joint gold medalist in the 3,000-meter relay in Hangzhou.

Jung Chul-won, Choi In-ho, and Choi Kwang-ho (Daegu City Hall), who won a tearful silver medal in Hangzhou, will continue their challenge at the 104th National Sports Festival (National Sports Festival) in Jeollanam-do.

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