The search for the next head coach of the South Korean national team is in limbo. Chung Jeong-sung, the chairman of the Korea Football Association (KFA)’s power strengthening committee, has announced his resignation.

According to a report by ‘News1’ on Aug. 28, Chung abruptly submitted his resignation to the KFA on Aug. 28. It is unclear whether the KFA has accepted his resignation.

The KFA, which aimed to appoint a successor in May after sacking former coach Jürgen Klinsmann in February, announced that it would review all factors from a zero-base after negotiations with candidates such as Canadian national team coach Jesse March and Jesús Casas 토토사이트 추천 broke down.

Former Ulsan HD FC coach Kim Do-hoon was brought in as a firefighter. Kim took the reins for the remainder of the second round of FIFA World Cup North America 2026 qualifiers in Singapore and China, and proved his leadership with a clean sheet.

Nearly three weeks have passed since then, and no clear candidate has emerged. While it is true that the KFA has been more vigilant than ever in preventing leaks, some observers have speculated that it could be a “weird weather pattern”.

Instead, there have been reports from leading Korean media outlets that the federation is leaning toward appointing a domestic coach. The reason was that the team was not in a financial position to pay for the firing of former coach Klinsmann and the construction of the Cheonan Football Center.

However, with a number of uninvited domestic coaching candidates either having clubs or being reluctant, Chung was faced with a different scenario.

The KFA’s search for a new coach is expected to come to an “all-stop” halt for the time being, with Chung resigning after struggling to handle the situation. The KFA has maintained a somewhat arcane process that centers around a power-building committee that identifies candidates for the job and delegates negotiations to a separate entity.

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