The Oneida Indian Nation announced yesterday that the Point Place Casino will be doing a major expansion in the coming months, doubling its gaming floor and adding new hotels. The expansion was made in response to customers’ demand for additional amenities at the Point Place Casino and the explosive growth and economic development taking place in central New York.

The expansion, which received more than $50 million in investment from Oneida Indian Nation, will include:

More game fun

The gaming floor of the Point Place Casino will double the size during the expansion, giving guests more ways to enjoy their games.

New Hotel

The expansion will include a new multi-story hotel with 100 rooms and eight luxury suites. Inside the beautiful lobby area, guests will enjoy the perfect Pure Cafe satellite location, and the spacious event area will accommodate meetings, celebrations, and other gatherings.

More Meal Options

The new restaurant will offer customers delicious American-style grill-style fare, and a popular dining area, the burger in Madison County, will add a breakfast service along with a traditional lunch and dinner menu.

Re-creation of the Fireside Lounge

An already popular local hotspot, the Fireside Lounge will double the size of its bar space and create 360-degree views of the wood-burning fireplace. The new cosy seating area will make it an even more attractive place for guests to enjoy a special cocktail, craft beer, or wine around the shining fire.

The Oneida Indian Nation has been anticipating the need for this expansion project for some time, as the popularity of the Point Place casino quickly outpaced conventional space. Since the casino was founded in 2018, visitors have been asked to stay overnight to accommodate weekend trips, add-on dining options, and more options for gaming.

Now, as the region thrives during a period of rapid development, the expansion of the Point Place Casino will provide new amenities and opportunities needed to meet the growing demand now and in the future.

“Listening to our guests is Oneida Indian national representative and one of the reasons why Turning Stone Enterprises has been so successful,” said Ray Halbritter, CEO of Turning Stone Enterprises and the national representative of India. “With our ongoing calls for more of everything Point Place Casino has to offer since it opened, we have found this expansion to be more than necessary. As Central New York continues to experience extremely exciting times of unprecedented growth, we are committed to continuing to make historic investments like this in our businesses and regions to maintain this level of economic success for the next generation.”

“The Oneida Indian Nation has been a dedicated partner of Madison County for many years,” said John Pinnard, president of the Madison County Board of Supervisors. “We are confident that this recent investment in Point Place Casino will continue to create jobs and spur expanded economic activity, making Bridgeport and its surrounding communities a much better place to live and work.”

“The expansion of Point Place Casino is welcome news for Sullivan Village,” said Tom Davio, Sullivan Village Supervisor. “The Oneida Indian Nation and Casino have been valuable partners in our community, and this major expansion will help Sullivan create important economic investments that support future growth while also attracting more tourists.”

“When the Oneida Indian Nation invests in companies, it also invests in our members,” said Greg Lancet, president of Central & Northern Building Trade. “From the opening of the Point Place Casino in 2018 to the recently announced evolution of the Turning Stone Resort Casino and this remarkable new expansion, the Oneida Indian Nation’s investment continues to increase opportunities for workers with well-paying jobs across the region.”

News of the expansion was first shared yesterday by Ray Halbritter, Oneida Indian Nation representative and CEO of Turning Stone Enterprises, with a selected group of Point Place casino team members. In addition to investing in Point Place Casino’s capital projects, the expansion is also an investment in the workforce of the Nation, one of the largest in the region. Construction related to the expansion is estimated to create 250 construction and permanent full- and part-time jobs. 프라그마틱 슬롯 사이트

The expansion of the Point Place Casino continues the Oneida Indian Nation’s historic record of investment in businesses and communities throughout its ancestral home of central New York. In addition to announcing the biggest evolution of Turning Stone Resort Casino in 20 years this summer, the Nation’s major recent capital investment projects include the creation of a Lake House in Sylvan Beach in 2020 and the grand opening of Cove in Sylvan Beach, a lakeside resort, in 2021. With these investments in capital expenditures and workforce development, the Oneida Indian Nation continues its commitment to the economic success and well-being of everyone who lives and works in its central New York community.

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