A new record for the ‘farthest stadium’ from the host site

The Paris Olympic surfing competition is held in Tahiti in the South Pacific. Tahiti is a French overseas territory 15,700 km from Paris. Surfing at the Paris Games is the event held the furthest from the host site in Olympic history. During the 1956 Melbourne (Australia) Olympics, an equestrian event was held in Stockholm, Sweden, 15,500 km away. At the time, Australia’s animal import policy was so strict that only the equestrian competitions were held five months before the opening of the competition (November 22). 스포츠 토토사이트

This is the second time that surfing has been adopted as an official Olympic sport, following the Tokyo Games three years ago. The first Olympic surfing competition was held at Tsugasaki Beach in Chiba Prefecture, about 60 km from Tokyo. At the time of the competition, the sky was overcast with clouds and the sea water was far from emerald green. There were also complaints among players that the waves were low.

Song Min, coach of the Korean national surfing team, said, “There are many places famous for surfing in southwestern France. However, during the Tokyo Games, many people who saw Olympic surfing for the first time said they were disappointed because it was different from the image they had before. “So I think I decided on Tahiti this time,” he said. “In Tahiti, a stream of water coming from the deep sea suddenly meets a shallow coral reef and turns into waves. “So the force of the wave is very strong and the angle at which it collapses is large.

The Teahupo’o area of ​​Tahiti, where the surfing competitions will be held, is a village of about 2,000 people. The Paris Olympic Organizing Committee, which advocates the ‘Eco-friendly Olympics’, is also paying attention to not damaging the environment here while holding the competition. Instead of building a separate athlete’s village, the athletes will stay on a cruise ship anchored on the coast during the competition, and 98% of the competition officials will also rent houses from local residents. 토토사이트

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