Media Day Event at Jincheon Athletes’ Village Four Taekwon siblings, including Park Tae-jun and Da-bin Lee, “Wash away their no-gold badges and grab yellow medals” Coach Lee Chang-geon “The goal is at least one gold medal”

Korean Taekwondo national team members Park Tae-jun, Seo Geon-woo, Kim Yu-jin, and Lee Da-bin (from left), who are participating in the Paris Olympics, are pledging to do well at the Jincheon Training Center in North Chungcheong Province on the 25th. Korean Taekwondo, which received no gold medals for the first time at the Tokyo Olympics three years ago, aims to build pride as a home country by winning at least one gold medal at the Paris Games.

“In my dream, the yellow urine didn’t stop and kept coming out.”

Taekwondo national team member Park Tae-jun (20, men’s 58kg class) said this at the Paris Olympics media day event held at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village in Chungcheongbuk-do on the 25th. He then smiled and said, “When I looked it up on the Internet, they said it was definitely a good dream.” On

August 7th, Park Tae-jun will be the first member of the Korean Taekwondo team to challenge for a gold medal at the Paris Olympics. Park Tae-jun said, “As the first runner, I know well that if I do well, the other players’ morale will go up and they will be able to show their skills. I will open the floodgates for ‘yellow’ medals.” Four athletes will participate in the Paris Olympics, including Park Tae-jun, Seo Geon-woo (21, men’s 80kg class), Lee Da-bin (28, women’s over-67kg class), and Kim Yu-jin (24, women’s 57kg class). 카지노사이트

Since the 2000 Sydney Games, when taekwondo first became an official Olympic sport, Korea has won 12 gold, 3 silver, and 7 bronze medals. The country that has won the most gold medals in Taekwondo at the Olympics is Korea, the home country of this sport. At the 2008 Beijing Games, all four participating athletes won gold medals. However, at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Korea won only one silver and two bronze medals, ending in ‘no gold’ for the first time. The prospects for a gold medal are not bright at this event either, as there is no player ranked No. 1 in the Olympic rankings.

National team coach Lee Chang-gun said, “The situation is not very good in terms of player composition compared to Tokyo,” but added, “This time, we will have good results because we prepared through customized training for each player. The goal is to win at least one gold medal. “I believe we can definitely achieve it,” he said.

The Korean Taekwondo team went on a two-week training trip to Spain and France starting on the 9th. This is the first time that Korean Taekwondo has traveled to another country to learn a few tricks before the Olympics. Coach Lee said, “During the Olympics, our athletes have to face many athletes who are bigger than them. Through this training, we were able to improve our adaptability by playing many practice matches with European athletes.

Da-bin Lee, the oldest member of the team who won a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, attended the event with a bruise on her right eye. This is a “medal” she received after playing a practice match as if it were a real match during the training in France. Da-bin Lee, the only Taekwondo national team member with Olympic experience, said, “I was grateful just to be able to stand on the Olympic stage in Tokyo. I think I was satisfied with winning a silver medal even though I couldn’t train properly (due to injury).” She continued, “These days, the most common thing I hear from coaches and coaches is, ‘You can rest now.’ That’s how hard I’m preparing. I’ll do my best with the mindset that ‘there’s no next time.’” Seo Geon-woo is the first Korean Taekwondo athlete in the men’s 80kg class to qualify for the Olympics. He said, “I feel a great sense of responsibility as this is my first time competing in the Olympics in my weight class. I think I’ve worked harder than anyone else so far. I definitely want to stand on the highest step of the podium.” Kim Yu-jin is ranked 24th in the women’s 57kg class, third from the bottom among the finalists. However, she is ahead of No. 1 Luo Zhongshi (China) and No. 2 Nahid Kiyanichande (Iran) with 2 wins and 1 loss, so she is considered to have a medal if she can overcome the early matchups. Kim Yu-jin said, “I recently had a dream of winning an Olympic gold medal. The dream was so vivid that I felt good for a while after waking up. I want to prepare hard and feel the same feeling as I did at the Olympics again.” 토토사이트 순위

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