Its Pepper Savings Bank, 21 Consecutive Losses

Pepper Savings Bank, 21 Consecutive Losses… Disgraceful New Record for Women’s Professional Volleyball Pepper Savings Bank was unable to break its losing streak even on New Year’s Day, and set a new record for the most losing streak in the women’s professional volleyball division. The Pepper Savings Bank was defeated by IBK Industrial Bank with

The Reason Why SSG ‘Lee Soong-Yong’ First Meeting

The Reason Why SSG ‘Lee Soong Yong’ had his First Meeting in Uniform SSG Landers, who began preparations for the new season in Biro Beach, Florida, USA under new coach Lee Soong-yong (52), opened 2024 with its first official training on the 2nd (Korean time). According to the SSG club, on this day’s first training

Promoted Team Gimcheon Catches Daegu and Return to K League

Promoted Team Gimcheon Catches Daegu and reports Return to K League 1… Won Doo-jae Header Winning Goal K League 1 1st round total audience 94,460… 3rd most opening round of all time. Gimcheon Sangmu, a team promoted to the K-League 1 professional soccer team, defeated Daegu FC, a Final A team last season, on an

UFC Alexander Volkanovski Suffers Shocking KO Loss

UFC Volkanovski Suffers Shocking KO Loss… Featherweight 17-Game Winning Streak Ends Alexander Volkanovski (35, Australia), considered the strongest UFC featherweight champion of all time, collapsed after suffering a shocking KO loss. Volkanovski was defeated by Ilya Topuria (27, Georgia, Spain) in 3 minutes of the second round in the main event featherweight title match of