Die is the most reliable constant among Bayern Munich’s defense.

Bayern Munich lost 0-3 to Leverkusen in the 21st round of the 2023-24 German Bundesliga at 2:30 a.m. on the 11th at the Bay Arena in Leverkusen, Germany. The loss will keep Munich in second place in the league with 16 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses 50 points, and Leverkusen in the league with 17 wins and 4 draws 55 points.

Leverkusen was overwhelmed. Leverkusen tormented the Munich defense with strong forward pressure and organic passes. Leverkusen scored early. Andrej, who received the ball in a throwing attack in the 18th minute of the first half, sent a low and fast cross to the opposite side. Stanisic finished it and scored the first goal. Munich had as many as seven players in the penalty box, but no one stopped them.

Munich finished 0-1 in the first half, but it rarely threatened Leverkusen’s goal. Rather, it gave up one more goal. At the 5th minute of the second half, Teller poked a killer pass at Grimaldo, who penetrated into the half space. Grimaldo immediately had a one-on-one opportunity with the goalkeeper and finished with his left foot, widening the gap.

Munich collapsed. In the second half of extra time, Neuer also participated in the attack when corner kick was attacked. However, Leverkusen cleared the ball and immediately launched a counterattack. Frimpong fired a mid-range shot into the empty goal and shook the net. In the end, the game ended with Leverkusen winning 3-0.

There are various reasons for Munich’s defeat, but Dyer’s performance accounted for a significant portion. Dyer, who started the game, recorded an 88 percent pass success rate, nine long passes four successful, and 17 turnovers. Dyer’s unstable handling of the ball and frequent errors caused anxiety to the defense line throughout the game. Notably, he was criticized for continuously giving instructions to players with his fingers during the game.

However, there were different views. “Munich gave up three goals, but at least Dyer is definitely living up to his expectations,” the German kicker said on Wednesday. Dyer immediately took charge. Dyer closely monitored his teammates’ positioning plays at the defensive line and instructed them where to go. Just like David Alaba, who played as a central defender and played with loud sounds and gestures. 스포츠토토

It is doubtful whether Dyer saw the same game or not. During the game, Dyer only gave instructions to the players with his fingers, but often failed to play properly. Due to such instructions, players were confused about who to mark, and missed the players repeatedly.

The media outlet said, “Dier is a positive person with a lot of experience. He helps us both on and off the field.” He is a submissive soccer player. Dier is the most reliable constant in Munich’s defense.

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