Lotte Giants, shining with fighting spirit and fighting spirit in the 2024 season

The ‘Giants’ turned the game around when they were down 1-14, a whopping 13 points. Although they were unable to complete the dramatic comeback due to a last-minute hit, the fighting spirit of the Lotte Giants players who did not give up the game was enough to thrill the Busan fans who filled Sajik Stadium.

Lotte tied 15-15 after a fierce battle in the 12th inning of extra innings in the 2024 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 25th.

The two teams traded 36 hits (Kia 17 hits, Lotte 19 hits) and engaged in a fierce battle for 5 hours and 19 minutes, the longest game of the year, but unfortunately, they were unable to decide the winner.

The early part of the game was one-sided for KIA. Lotte starting pitcher Na Kyun-an collapsed early, allowing 8 runs in 1⅔ innings, and the score widened to 1-14 in the top of the 4th. The 19,000 Lotte fans who filled the stadium booed Na Kyun-an when he left the mound in the 2nd inning. 파워볼사이트

It would not have been strange if they had admitted defeat and given up the game, but the Lotte players were different.

In the bottom of the 4th inning, with 2 outs and bases loaded, Ko Seung-min hit a grand slam to make the score 7-14, creating a strange atmosphere. Lotte, who had lit the spark of pursuit, scored 2 more runs in the 5th inning, putting pressure on KIA.

And in the bottom of the 6th inning, when Jeong Hoon caught KIA bullpen Kim Do-hyun’s third pitch curve and drew a three-run arc behind left field, instantly bringing the score to 12-14, Sajik Stadium, which had been quiet, was filled with cheers from fans. Even in the Lotte dugout, the players’ voices grew louder. Continuing the momentum, Lotte tied the score at 14-14 in the bottom of the 7th inning with 1 out, runners on 2nd and 3rd base, and a 2-run, timely hit in front of center fielder Ko Seung-min’s missed hit. And the moment Lotte went back to 15-14 with Lee Jeong-hoon’s sacrifice fly to right field with one out on second and third base, Sajik Stadium erupted in huge cheers. In the Lotte stands on the first base side, fans vigorously waved a flag that said ‘fighting spirit’. Lotte was hit with a tiebreaker by Hong Jong-pyo in the 8th inning and ended up tying the game at 15-15 after 12 extra innings, but they played a game worthy of applause. A Lotte official also said, “It’s unfortunate that we didn’t win, but we caught up and turned the game around in a game that was very tilted. He responded enthusiastically, saying, “It’s definitely different than before.” The fighting spirit of the young players shone through, making it even more inspiring.

Lotte has always been criticized for the lack of growth of its ‘promising players’, but this year is different.

Young players such as Na Seung-yeop (22), Ko Seung-min (24), Yoon Dong-hee (21), and Hwang Seong-bin (27) are showing their fighting spirit in every game. Although the power of the mound is relatively weak, the batting lineup is hot enough to not be pushed by any team.

Ko Seung-min said, “(Yoon) Dong-hee and (Na) Seung-yeop are young, but I have a lot to learn from them,” and expressed his confidence by saying, “Everyone has a strong desire to do it. If we continue the good momentum, we will be able to make it to the fall baseball.” 스포츠토토링크

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