The 7th Grand Dragon Master Bakara Championship kicks off a Las Vegas League match at the Palacho Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas on July 27, 2018. The global championship also takes place at Las Vegas Sands properties in Macau and Singapore.

The Grand Dragon Master Bakara Championship offers Bakara lovers the ultimate tournament experience. Las Vegas players can compete for a portion of the $1 million prize pool spanning three tournaments – the $200,000 Golden Dragon Bakara Tournament, the $300,000 Ruby Dragon Bakara Tournament, and the $750,000 Royal Dragon Bakara Tournament – all culminating in the 2019 Global Final in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

The $200,000 Golden Dragon Baccarat Tournament will be held from July 27 to July 30 and from Aug. 3-Aug. 6. The tournament features a $25,000 daily pool of prize money, which is paid to 80 winners each day. All Grazee members receive one free tournament entry per day. Unlimited repurchases are available for $50. The top three of the Golden Dragon Baccarat Tournament’s daily winners automatically advance to the Ruby Dragon Baccarat Tournament.

Bakara, a traditional table game, has gained a new level of popularity to American audiences, making it much more accessible for players with traditional tables available with a minimum bet of $25 as well as Imperial Bakara at electronic betting terminals. 릴게임

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