A controversy erupted at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on Thursday, when the NC Dinos and Samsung Lions faced off.

NC led 1-0 in the bottom of the third inning. NC starting pitcher Lee Jae-hak walked Samsung’s Kim Ji-chan with two outs.

Lee Ji-chan then stole second base on the second pitch of the at-bat against Lee Jae-hyun. Catcher Park Se-hyeok threw the ball to second base as soon as he received it. The outcome was safe. The call was a ball.

Two balls later, it was 3B 1S. Lee Jae-hak took a changeup up the middle for a strike and a full count.

NC manager Kang Myung-hwa said something to the umpires. He said that the second fastball in the stolen base situation was not a strike. 스포츠토토 The tablet showed that since the second pitch was a strike, the fifth pitch should have been a strike.

Starting this year, the KBO introduced the ABS (Automatic Pitch Recognition System).

Instead of umpires manually calling balls and strikes, a tracking system is used to make the calls.

Both teams have tablets in their dugouts that display the ABS values. Kang protested the second pitch because the tablets didn’t reflect the real-time ball call.

The four umpires met to discuss the call, and the call was not overturned. ABS acknowledged the error, but the protest was late. Umpire Lee Min-ho said, “When Kim Ji-chan stole the ball, the voice was transmitted to the umpire as a ball. The ABS monitor called it a strike, and NC appealed it. According to the rules, the appeal must be made before the next pitch is thrown to correct it. The statute of limitations has passed. We’ll go with the count.”

However, as the four umpires huddled together to discuss the call, a miscommunication occurred. The umpire’s assistant told the umpire, “Tell the umpire that you clearly recognized the pitch as a ball. That’s all we’re going to get out of this…. that’s all we’re going to get out of this.” It sounded like he was trying to turn an umpire error into an ABS system error.

The call went through for NC.

Lee Jae-hak’s sixth pitch was a ball, and Lee Jae-hyun walked. Lee gave up back-to-back singles to Koo and McKinnon to cut the NC lead to 1-3.

After the Tigers added a run in the top of the fourth, Lee scored six runs in the bottom of the inning on a home run by Lee Sung-gyu, a single by Kim Hyun-joon, and a two-run homer by Kim Jae-sang. He was unable to complete the inning and was replaced by Lee Jun-ho. Lee ended the game with six runs on six hits (two homers), four walks and four strikeouts in 3 1/3 innings. NC lost the game 5-12.

After the game, 슬롯사이트 NC filed a complaint with the KBO by phone. They will also send a letter to the KBO apologizing and asking them to take appropriate action.

The players are equally devastated. “A starting pitcher prepares for five days to pitch one game,” one player said after the game, adding, “Who is going to compensate Lee Jae-hak?” “In the end, the only ones who suffer are the players,” an official lamented.

Even if Lee struck out Lee Jae-hyun, there’s no telling if Lee Jae-hak will be able to win the game. But it’s clear that the incident was devastating for Lee, who hadn’t won in three games this season.

The KBO will receive a report from the umpires and begin disciplinary action.

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