Woori Bank, which achieved comprehensive victory, was pushed back in the rookie nomination rankings this time. 

However, I had the good fortune of selecting Byeon Ha-jeong (179 cm, Bundang Business High School).

Woori Bank achieved a combined championship last season. Because of his good performance, he was pushed back in the rookie rankings. 

However, Byun Ha-jeong was selected as the 6th pick in the first round at the 2023-2024 WKBL new player selection event. 카지노사이트랭크

At that time, Kookmin Bank nominated Ko Hyun-ji, BNK nominated Kim Jong-un, Shinhan Bank nominated Heo Yu-jeong

Samsung Life Insurance nominated Lee Ye-na, and BNK nominated Park Da-won. 

Byun Ha-jeong, who was considered a lottery pick candidate along with Ko Hyun-ji, Heo Yu-jeong, Park Da-won, and Lee Ye-na, remained, and Woori Bank coach Wi Sang-woo went up to the podium and called Byun Ha-jeong.

Byun Ha-jeong is the daughter of Seongnam Elementary School coach Byun Cheong-woon, who played for Busan KTF (now Suwon KT)

Wonju Dongbu (now Wonju DB), and Jeonju KCC (now Busan KCC) in the past. 

She is also the younger sister of Shinhan Bank’s Byeon So-jeong. Along with Heo Yu-jeong and Park Da-won, she played a key role in Bundang Management High School.

Byeon Ha-jeong, who is tall, fast, and possesses decent athletic ability, expected her to be selected at the top, but surprisingly

she was pushed down to 6th place and ended up wearing the Woori Bank uniform. Even at the new player selection event

Byeon Ha-jeong repeatedly stated that she wanted to go to Woori Bank. This is because she likes our bank’s style because it suits her well.

 She also cited Woori Bank’s Danbi Kim as her role model.

Woori Bank is based on a lineup of people taller than 175cm. He runs a lot and strives to perfect his offense and defense through rotation. Byun Ha-jeong is a promising player suitable for Woori Bank basketball. 

Even if she cannot contribute to Woori Bank’s power right away, she can grow into a key player in Woori Bank in the future as her potential is endless.

Although she has been playing for a short time recently, she continues to be given opportunities to compete. She met coach Wi Sang-woo

who is good at bringing out the strengths of players, and is looking forward to seeing how Byeon Ha-jeong will grow in the future.

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