DPL Kia, the No. 4 seed in South Korea’s LoL Champions Korea (LCK) region, will face off against BDS, the team of “Adam,” in the fifth match of the Swiss Stage of the 2023 LoL World Championship on Wednesday (0-2). Both teams have to pack their bags if they lose, and while analysts say that DPL Kia’s strength is superior, there are also worries about the variables created by BDS’s top lane joker pick.

Former professional gamer In-seok “Insec” Choi gives his advice on how to handle Team BDS top laner Adam “Adam” Manane’s signature picks, Darius and Olaf. Choi, who was known for his dazzling Lee Sin play known as the ‘Insec Kick’ during his playing days, is now a personal broadcaster who focuses on the top laner position, especially Darius.

BDS and ‘Adam’ are two of the most talked about teams and players at this year’s LoL World Championship. Adam, in particular, has been putting on an impressive performance whenever he picks the so-called “Gadaseol” champion: Garen-Darius-Set-Olaf. In the last match against Jingdong Gaming (JDG), he played an outstanding performance with Garen, even though his team lost.

Even top laners who are good enough to dominate their respective regions and qualify for the World Championship, such as JDG’s Bai “369” Zahao, seem to struggle in lane when Adam takes out Gadaseol. The main reason is that they don’t know how to deal with it because they don’t have much experience with it in the solo ranks, let alone in regular competitions.

Kookmin Ilbo asked Choi In-seok, who has a similar championship breadth to Adam, for advice on how to deal with Adam. In a phone interview with Kookmin Ilbo on the 22nd, Choi In-seok said, “Players have probably never met Darius before. Especially in the upper tiers of the solo rankings, you don’t see many ‘Adam’ champions, so that’s why it works so well.”

Choi describes Darius as “a champion with clear strengths and weaknesses.” “The reason why he’s so rarely picked in tournaments is because his ‘low point’ is so low when his weaknesses are highlighted. He can’t teleport with his Summoner spell, so it’s hard to use him in tournaments.” “However, since other champions have been nerfed so much, Darius’ own ‘weight class’ is not bad right now,” he said.

Choi also advised that it’s important not to get greedy on level one against Darius. “A lot of times when players play against Darius, they try to push forward to avoid losing the laning game and it ends up costing them,” he said.

He cited the example of Team Wales’ Nguyen Bo ‘Sparda’ Ain Hoang, who got hammered in the Renekton vs. Darius matchup during the last Play-In Stage, explaining, “It’s actually not that difficult of a matchup if Renekton is a little less greedy in the early game.”

“Darius is really strong at level 1. “It’s important to just get through the early game where Darius is strong,” he said, “because a lot of times you’re trying to get experience against him at level 1 and it just ruins the composition. Darius isn’t a champion that can break the game by himself. His weaknesses are clear.”

As for Olaf, the team called him a “late game champion” and added, “I don’t think you need to worry too much.” “Olaf is a good champion when he has the right environment to run wild,” said Choi. He has a lot of unfavorable lane matchups (for picks),” explaining that he’s not as explosive as Darius.

However, he adds that top laners and junglers should refrain from building combinations that rely heavily on crowd control (CC). “Olaf needs to be taken down with 카지노사이트 strong damage,” Choi said, “and it’s best to avoid CC-reliant compositions for top and jungle in 2v2s,” he added.

“Olaf has a fatal flaw,” he continued, “He’s a champion who needs to be aggressive in the early lane if he doesn’t choose to teleport with his Summoner spell. A single early lane interruption from a jungler is a good chance to get a kill.” “They are also vulnerable to CC before level 6.”

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