There were too many missteps in recruiting players.

The Sun, a British media outlet, looked back on Manchester United’s transfer market over the past 10 years on Wednesday. The analysis focused on players who invested more than 50 million pounds in transfer fees.

The result was disastrous. “Over the past 10 years, Manchester United has spent more than 1 billion pounds about 1.67 trillion won on the market alone. Fourteen players have spent 50 million pounds in transfer fees. Of these, only two are considered successful recruits. During the Erik ten Haq, four players were hired from outside who spent more than 50 million pounds, and only one showed tangible results,” the Sun said.

It is Paul Pogba who has recorded the highest transfer fee among Manchester United players over the past decade. He was brought in for £89 million. In second place is Antony with £85.5 million. In third place are Harry Maguire £80 million, in fourth place Romelu Lukaku £80 million, and in fifth place Jadon Sancho £73 million.

It was followed by Bruno Fernandes £68m, Rasmus Huairun £64m, Casemiro £60.7m, Lisandro Martinez £57m, Angel Di Maria £57m, Mason Mount £55.6m, Fred £52m and Aaron Wan-Bissaka £50m.

Of these, “The Sun” evaluated only Fernandez, who is currently the captain of Manchester United and the core of his power, and Martinez, the main center back defender, as “it was a reasonable recruitment compared to expenditure.”

In other words, only one of Antony, Martinez, Huairun and Mount was successful in recruiting. In particular, the coach said that he is going down the path of Pogba and Mount.

Antony finished the warm-up with eight goals in the first season of his transfer to Manchester United. In his second year at Manchester United, he failed to raise a single point of attack.

Ten Haqq defended Antony. They became priests when they were in Ajax. Ten Haqq said Antony was sluggish due to problems outside the stadium.

This is the story of Antony’s alleged assault, which is currently under investigation in the U.K. and Brazil. “I can explain the reason for Antony’s lackluster performance. It is very simple. It is because of an issue outside the stadium. Last season, Antony was fine. He played very well in the pre-season. The first four games of this season were impressive as well. However, he was not the kind of player we knew after he returned after being investigated by police. “Obviously, he can perform better than he is now,” he said. “Police investigation has had a huge impact on him. That is why the issue must be resolved. When I was working for Ajax, I realized the true value of Antony. He is good until the end with kill passes and crosses. He is a style that performs better on big stages such as the UEFA Champions League. I need to quickly return to my old level.” 스포츠중계

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