Kylian Mbappe 26, Paris Saint-Germain said he had nothing to say about the transfer to Real Madrid.

“Mbappe was asked about his future at PSG and the possibility of moving to Real Madrid. He avoided the question and was confident that he had nothing to reveal now,” British newspaper Vicar reported on the 23rd.

Mbappe attended a press conference ahead of an A-match friendly match against Germany at the Gruppama Stadium in Lyon, France on Sunday. Despite the schedule for the national team, Mbappe did not miss the recent rumor that he will move to Real Madrid.

Speaking of the future, Mbappe said, “I haven’t announced my future yet because I have nothing to present. I always said I would speak as a man when I had something to present. I’ve never hidden away. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I have nothing to present.”

However, he left one hint. “When the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament comes up, I will focus on the French national team. I think future problems will be resolved by then. I am focusing on the national team,” Mbappe said, hinting that his destination will be decided by June.

Mbappe is highly likely to play for Real Madrid. Several European media outlets, including the BBC in the UK, Marca in Spain, and Foot Mercato in France, have already reported that Mbappe has agreed to a five-year contract with Real Madrid. Mbappe will not be hindered by the expiration of his contract with PSG at the end of this season.

Salary negotiations have also reportedly been completed. European soccer transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said on social media on Monday, “Negotiations between Mbappe and Real Madrid are progressing very well. Everything is moving in the right direction. I’m just waiting to sign the official contract as soon as possible. It’s an important step to complete the contract. Talks are really positive.”

“As far as I know, we have agreed on an annual salary. Mbappe will be paid a similar amount to Jude Bellingham or Vinicius Junior, the highest paid player in his team. Instead, he will receive a huge contract bonus of over 100 million euros. Real Madrid can pay this out over five years. Finally, important details remain on the negotiations for the right to portrait.”

There are no variables. Romano said, “Mbappe is only negotiating with Real Madrid. He already informed PSG of his decision to leave the team less than a month ago. He has not changed his mind. Talks with Real Madrid are completely positive and we are in the final stages. We are gradually approaching completion of our contract.”

Now, practically speaking, the only announcement remains. PSG is also admitting its farewell to Mbappe. Coach Luiz Enrique, after replacing Mbappe, the ace, at matches against Rennes and Monaco early, said, “We need to get used to Mbappe-free play soon.”

Enrique even left a farewell message for Mbappe. “I wish Mbappe all the best for his future. He is a fantastic player, even more so for a human being. I wish him all the best.”

Mbappe said the future will be decided around June, but there is a possibility that it will be announced sooner. BBC reported that Mbappe has not completed his contract with Real Madrid yet. However, if the two teams can no longer meet in the UEFA Champions League this season, the contract could be announced.

If one of PSG or Real Madrid fails to qualify for the UCL quarterfinals, the transfer could be announced within April. Jerome Rothen, who once played for PSG, also said, “Mbappe will announce his contract with Real Madrid before the UEFA Euro. Or when PSG is eliminated from the UCL, he will announce it. As long as there is a chance of seeing PSG and Real Madrid face off, we will not announce anything.” 안전놀이터 추천

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