“Despite millions of dollars in lost revenue and numerous negative promotions from unprecedented closures, casinos have demonstrated once again that the house ultimately wins.

“Casino rebounded quickly after the three-day shutdown on July 8, and Wall Street scoffed at predictions of a collapse in Atlantic City’s sizzling gambling market. The gaming industry also benefited from the expiration of taxes on casino net profits in the new state budget.

“…casinos are already taking advantage of public disgust with the state legislature by pushing legislation that will protect them from future government shutdowns. Gambling has come to a halt because New Jersey’s budget crisis forced state game supervisors out of work. A new bill touring the state legislature will allow game supervisors to continue working even when there are budget-driven shutdowns. 슬롯

“…Game officials say it’s premature to predict the long-term impact of the shutdown, but the immediate damage is clear. Casinos lost roughly $54 million in revenue and the state forfeited $1.3 million in casino taxes a day …”

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