The dream I had while playing soccer, it finally came true.

Germany’s Kicker delivered an interview with key midfielder Granit Xhaka of Bayer 04 Leverkusen on the 15th. Xhaka, who succeeded in winning the Bundesliga, said, My dream came true.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen won a 5-0 victory over Werder Bremen in the 29th round of the Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season at Bayer Arena in Leverkusen, Cologne, Germany, on the 15th.

Leverkusen added three more points to create 79 points 25 wins and four draws, ending the race to win the Bundesliga title early. Bayern Munich, ranking second, and VfB Stuttgart, ranking third, will not be able to reach 79 points even if they win all of their remaining matches.

It is the first league championship in Leverkusen’s history, which was founded in 1904. Coach Xavi Alonso and his players have made history.
Xhaka, who left Arsenal for Leverkusen in July 2023, played as a key player just after his first season as a transfer. He was listed in the Bundesliga’s Best 11 in the first half of the season, showing good performance from the beginning of the season.

Xhaka was the engine for Alonso. He played in all 29 league matches as a central midfielder and defensive midfielder. He also scored two goals, demonstrating his presence in offense. He did not get tired easily enough to play full-time in 23 of the 29 matches.

Xhaka, who won the historic Leverkusen championship in his first season of transfer, said, It’s so hard to find the right words to explain my feelings right now.
Looking back after my first season in the league, I can’t believe it. We had a really great season and we did a good job in the second half. I’m just enjoying the moment, he said with a smile.

When I play soccer at a young age, I always dream of this kind of moment. I have worked really hard every day with everyone in this team, Xhaka said. It is special for me as a professional player for 14 years, but it is even more special for this club.

At the same time, Xhaka replied that he would not be satisfied with the win, saying, Now we want more.
Coach Alonso said something similar.

Alonso briefly spoke at the press conference after the game, drenching beer in his head. It’s a special day. I finally became the German champion, he said.

But we want more. We want bigger things. We also want to win the domestic cup and the European championship, he said, recalling that the season is not over.

Leverkusen is aiming for the title with no loss while it has five more matches to play in the league. Athletic Bilbao 1929-1930 and Real Madrid 1931-1932 won the title for Spain, while Preston North End 1888-1889 and Arsenal 2003-2004 won the title without loss for England.
AC Milan 1991–1992 and Juventus 2011–2012 were successful in Italy, while FC Porto 2010–2011 and 2012-2013 were successful in Portugal. 토토사이트 추천

No team has won the title unbeaten yet in Germany. If Leverkusen remains undefeated and manages to win the remaining five matches, it will be the first unbeaten title in Germany.

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