Jackson Holiday (20), who is considered the best prospect in the Baltimore Orioles, which has the best farm system among the current Major League teams, seems to be on the verge of a call-up.

The New York Post, a local media outlet in New York, said on the 18th that Holiday may make his major league debut this season.

Baltimore didn’t insist that Holiday doesn’t have a call-up this season. The reason why holiday callups are being talked about is because their grades are so good.

Holiday started this season in single a, went through top single a and is now in double a. Double A’s performance is 0.356 batting average and 0.412 OPS 0.976.

If Holiday is called up within this season, it is very likely that it will be September when the expansion roster is applied. 스포츠토토

Holliday is a super – high prospect who won the first – round pick by Baltimore in the 2022 Major League Baseball Rookie Draft. He is a right – to – left shortstop.

Currently, it is the No. 1 promising player selected by MLB , the official website of Major League Baseball, and a call-up is being discussed more than a year after being drafted.

Holiday, in particular, is another player who will show off his pedigree baseball. Holiday’s father is Matt Holiday, a seven-time All-Star.

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