Chelsea are more likely to make 6.7 billion this weekend.

“Chelsea will receive a 4 million pound bonus if one of the forgotten players fails to start this weekend due to an unusual contract.”

Chelsea is upping the mood right now. After losing to Liverpool in the Carabao Cup final, Chelsea has scored eight goals in the last three matches, regaining their sense of scoring in all of the competitions. The team also secured a 3-2 victory in a league match against Newcastle on the 12th , gaining momentum to leap to the top of the table.

Nicolas Jackson, the main striker, has nine Premier League goals, scoring one in each of his last two matches. In January, Fulham’s decision to loan Armando Broja, who was Jackson’s backup, left only one striker, leaving fans worried.

However, his loan spell did not go as planned for Broja, who moved to Fulham to gain experience while playing as a starting line-up. Broja has played just 51 minutes for Fulham since moving to Fulham at the deadline of the transfer window, and Fulham manager Marco Silva has started Rodrigo Muniz, who has scored five goals in the last five games while Raul Jimenez is sidelined through injury. 토토사이트

Chelsea have a chance of earning unexpected money due to Broja’s failure to start. According to the media, Chelsea acknowledged that Broja had to adapt to the starting line-up and agreed on a loan deal that would prevent Fulham from having to pay rent.

However, a clause has been added that if Fulham do not allow Broja to start more than 60 percent of the game, Chelsea will have to pay £4 million in rent. Fulham will play 29 rounds of the Premier League against Tottenham at Craven Cottage in London on Thursday.

If Broja misses the match against Tottenham, Fulham will have to pay for it, with Chelsea set to make significant financial gains ahead of the summer transfer window.

Meanwhile, Broya’s future at Chelsea seems uncertain as he has just one goal and one assist in 17 league games. Chelsea will likely start recruiting strikers after the end of this season, and if a new striker is hired, it is highly likely that Broya will leave the team.

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