Jung Seung-won’s winning goal’ Suwon FC, 1-0 against Gwangju Shin Seung-won Son Jun-ho makes his home debut as a substitute in the 9th minute of the second half

Pro Football K-League 1 Gimcheon Sangmu took the lead after defeating Daejeon Hana Citizen at home.

Gimcheon won 2-0 against Daejeon in the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 19th round home game held at Gimcheon Sports Complex on the 25th.

Led by coach Jeong Jeong-yong, following a 3-2 win against Gangwon FC on the 22nd, the team recorded 36 points (10 wins, 6 draws, 3 losses) with 2 consecutive wins, beating Ulsan HD (35 points) and Pohang Steelers (33 points), who played one less game. ) and jumped to the lead.

Hwang Seon-hong, who took charge of Daejeon for the first time in four years and reported his first victory by beating Gwangju FC 2-1 on the 22nd, was unable to maintain the momentum as he was caught by Gimcheon.

Daejeon, with only 18 points (4 wins, 6 draws, 9 losses), was ranked 11th out of 12 teams. 카지노사이트

Daejeon, whose original team had Daejeon’s Yoo Kang-hyun at the forefront, built an aggressive lineup with Lee Dong-kyung and Kim Dae-won.

Against this, Daejeon started the game on the bench with Chun Seong-hoon, who scored his debut goal in the last game against Gwangju, and Park Jeong-in, who was recruited from K-League 2 (Second Division) Seoul E-Land ahead of this game. The two teams, who finished the first half scoreless in a tight balance, threw a game-winning move in the second half through substitution cards. Gimcheon started with Park Dae-won at the start of the second half, and Choi Ki-yoon and Choo Sang-hoon came on at the same time in the 19th minute of the second half. Daejeon’s Cheon Seong-hoon and Park Jeong-in quickly entered the second half, followed by Yoon Do-young and Joo Se-jong. It was Gimcheon who broke the balance. In the 31st minute of the second half, Choi Ki-yoon, who received Kim Dong-hyun’s sensational forward pass, penetrated into the Daejeon penalty box and cut into the corner of the goal with a powerful left-footed shot. Gimcheon, who had secured the victory, focused on the backline and aimed for a counterattack, and Choi Ki-yoon added another goal in extra time in the second half, putting an end to the 2-0 win. At Suwon Stadium, Suwon FC defeated Gwangju 1-0. In the 30th minute of the second half, Jeong Seung-won scored the winning goal. At Suwon FC, midfielder Son Jun-ho, who was detained by Chinese police but was released after about a year and joined the team in the middle of this month and played for the first time in the away game against FC Seoul on the 22nd, made his home debut by replacing Ji Dong-won in the 9th minute of the second half. Son Jun-ho, who played about 30 minutes in the game against Seoul, gradually increased his playing time by playing more than 35 minutes that day. Suwon FC, which recently escaped two consecutive losses, maintained 5th place (30 points, 9 wins, 3 draws, 7 losses). Gwangju, which suffered two consecutive losses, stood still in 6th place (22 points, 7 wins, 1 draw, 11 losses). 토토사이트 추천

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