Korea’s first non-face-to-face coach.

A Korean soccer fan expressed Jurgen Klinsmann, the coach of the Korean national team. There’s another. Unsupervised situation. There was even a funny saying, “Pay your annual salary in virtual currency.” Can you hear the angry voices of Korean soccer fans.

Why do Korean soccer fans voice their anger. It’s very simple. It’s because it’s not “basic.” One of the basics that a Korean national team coach should have. There is no ‘love’ for Korean football.

Did Klinsmann show his affection for Korean soccer? How? No Korean soccer fans saw or felt it. The K League is in full swing, and who is responsible for checking, evaluating, and selecting players. What kind of feelings will arise for him who ignores this and does not think of returning to foreign countries.

If I had good grades, I wouldn’t have said this much. The first foreign coach to win four consecutive games without a win. The decisive scene was a 1-1 draw at home with El Salvador, who was defeated by Japan 0-6 by the underdog ranked 75th in the FIFA rankings.

Having nothing to do after receiving such a report card is ignoring Korean soccer and Korean soccer fans. It is an act that cannot be understood without this.

You’re also remotely checking Korean soccer in foreign countries? Do you have the affection of Korean soccer in foreign countries?

Making such a claim itself is not qualified as a Korean coach. Korean soccer and “face-to-face breathing” are more important than anything else to succeed in Korea as a foreign coach. It is also important to understand and melt into Korean culture and traditions other than the national team’s performance. It takes a lot of time. The time I’m staying in Korea.

All of Klinsmann’s seniors, especially successful foreign directors, did so. Inside Korea, next to the national team, they met with Korean soccer fans, making eye contact and communicating. Klinsmann is turning a blind eye to this key process.

He has only stayed in Korea for about 50 days since he was appointed as the national team coach. Concerns have become a reality. When Klinsmann was appointed as the head coach of the Korean national team, the biggest topic was whether he would reside in Korea. Why? Because I have a history. When he was the coach of the German national team, he was criticized for remote control in the U.S.

So I asked. Are you going to stay in Korea?”. “Yes,” Klinsmann replied proudly. 50 days in 5 months? Is the concept of residence different. No, I’m not keeping my promise. be so reckless from the beginning of one’s appointment. There’s no stopping a superstar. The uncontrollable superstar’s temperament has already been explained by German media and players from the German national team.

In general, when a new national team coach comes, he faces a “honeymoon period” for a certain period of time. However, this period magically disappeared for director Klinsmann. Criticism has been raging since the beginning of his appointment. He became the first coach of Korean football without a honeymoon period. Even in a short time, the first records are being produced continuously.

This is not the end. It’s time for the finishing touch. It is to have an ‘online video interview’ in the U.S. Director Klinsmann himself proposed this work.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) is preparing for a video interview with Klinsmann as a meeting with Korean media. The date has also been confirmed. Now there is another first in the history of Korean soccer. It is the emergence of a non-face-to-face video interview with the national team. The Korea Football Association confirmed, “It is the first time for the national team coach to have an online video interview.”

What the hell is going on. Why should the Korean media meet the Korean national team coach on video. Why should the media, which delivers the voice of the Korean national team coach to Korean soccer fans, conduct a non-face-to-face interview with the Korean national team coach.

There is only one reason. This is because director Klinsmann is not in Korea. It’s the first time. There have been online interviews in the past. Paulo Bento also conducted an online interview. But it was during the COVID-19 period. When non-face-to-face contact was my daily life. And Bento was in Korea. It’s been a while since the COVID-19 period stepped down, but I don’t understand why I have to do a non-face-to-face interview now.

If you’re not in Korea, you don’t do it, or you can do it next time you come to Korea. Is it an urgent situation. Are there any incidents or issues that need to be expressed urgently. No. The intention of the first video online interview. I can see it so well.

It’s “soothing public opinion.” There is only one issue for the national team right now. Director Klinsmann’s telecommuting controversy. There is no reason to interview at this time unless it is intended to alleviate this controversy. 토토사이트

Why are you judging me like this? Because I have a history.

A similar situation occurred last June. As public opinion worsened, such as winning four A matches without a win, playing racist players in the game, and instilling confidence in the underdog El Salvador, a press conference was held out of the blue. It was obviously intended to appease public opinion. The press conference was held unusually, but there was nothing special. However, public opinion has cooled down a little.

Anyone can feel that it is a similar intention this time. It was a face-to-face interview. What is it now. Is he trying to emphasize the legitimacy of his overseas stay through non-face-to-face interviews. Will he show his affection for Korean soccer. If it is intended to appease public opinion by showing a face for a while, it is obvious that it will face a further headwind.

Even if you have that intention, this is not it. If you have something to say, something unfair, if you have a message for Korean soccer fans, if you want to express your affection for Korean soccer, come to Korea and have a “face-to-face interview.”

This is the least courtesy and courtesy to Korean soccer fans. Who will trust the Korean national team coach who does not come to Korea. It is right that the coach of the Korean national team is in Korea.

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