Bucheon FC 1995 head coach Lee Young-min, who broke the dreaded “Seoul Eland jinx,” thanked his players for playing their hearts out.

Bucheon earned a 1-0 victory over Seoul Eland in the 28th round of the 2023 Hana One Q K League 2 at home at 현금홀덤사이트 Bucheon Sports Complex at 8 p.m. on Saturday. With the win, Bucheon remained unbeaten in three consecutive matches (2 wins, 1 draw) and broke the Seoul Eland jinx that had been plaguing the team.

“We haven’t won against Seoul Eland recently, but I think the players understood that and tried their best to break the jinx,” said head coach Lee Young-min at the post-match press conference, “I want to tell the players that they did a great job.”

Bucheon has lost all three of their meetings with Seoul Eland this season. They haven’t even scored a goal against Seoul this season, and suffered the humiliation of a 0-6 FA Cup defeat in March. It had been four years since they had won at home since November 2019.

“It was a big blow to our pride,” Lee admits. “We lost three games this season, including the FA Cup. It must have hurt the players too. “Of course, winning today doesn’t mean we’ll win the next game against Seoul Earth easily. We will prepare more thoroughly so that we can win the next time we meet them.”

When asked about the decisive factor in today’s win, Lee said, “It was thanks to (Lee’s) goal at the beginning of the second half, but we expected them to make tactical changes, such as fighting for aerial balls after they conceded a goal, and I think we responded appropriately. I think the end of the second half was also a game-changer. I wish we could have scored more on the counterattack in that situation, but that’s a bit disappointing.”

With the win, Bucheon moved up to fourth in the standings. When asked about Bucheon’s realistic goals for the season, Lee had previously said, “We’ll talk about it later.” Can he talk about it now? “We have a game against the Ansan Greeners in two days. Ansan will meet us after a break this round. For now, I’m worried about the Ansan game,” he said with a wry smile, then added, “When we play a few more games and come up with the play I had in mind, I’ll tell you then.”

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