Kim Min-jae has returned to Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich released the training video through its official channel on Tuesday. The main character of the training was Kim Min-jae. He cycled at the team’s training site and greeted team officials as they approached him.

Kim Min-jae, the core of Bayern Munich’s defense, has been away from the team for a while as a member of the South Korean national team in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup.

However, Kim Min-jae immediately moved to Munich, Germany, when he fell to the semifinals with a 0-2 loss to Jordan.

Kim did not play in the match against Jordan in the semifinals of the Asian Cup. He received a warning in the first group match against Bahrain on the 15th, followed by another warning in the quarterfinals against Australia on the 3rd. According to AFC regulations, Kim could not play in the semifinals against Jordan. He had to wait and see his teammates lose.

Kim Min-jae returned to Munich, leaving behind his regret. From the standpoint of Bayern Munich, the timing of Kim Min-jae’s return is exquisite. On the 11th, Bayern Munich is set to play the 21st round of the German Bundesliga against Bayer 04 Leverkusen. In fact, it could be a final match for the German Bundesliga championship.

Leverkusen, which has been undefeated this season, is currently ranked first in the Bundesliga. It is followed by Bayern Munich, the strongest team in Germany. For Bayern Munich, it is a must-see game to win the Bundesliga.

Bayern Munich has suffered from an increase in the number of injuries.

Bayern Munich said, “We will play without Kingsley Coman for the next few weeks,” adding, “I suffered a torn ligament inside my left knee.”

In addition, defender Dayo Upamecano injured his hamstring in the 13th round match of the German Bundesliga against Union Berlin in the 2023-2024 season. He was forced to sit out for several weeks.

Upamecano, who was already supporting Kim Min-jae in the absence, was injured, and the defense turned on a red light. In the end, Bayern Munich brought in Son Heung-min’s teammate Eric Dier on loan to solve the defense’s problems. Dier will be in charge of Bayern Munich’s last resort, starting with a substitute in the second half of the match against Union Berlin.

This time, there was a hole in the attack. In the 19th round of the German Bundesliga against Augsburg, he was seriously injured after playing less than the first half. In the 23rd minute of the first half, Coman was crushed by Philippe Tietz. In this situation, Coman failed to get up on the ground while his teammate Aleksandar Pavlovic scored a goal and everyone was celebrating.

He couldn’t even walk alone. Coman was helped off the field by medical staff and struggled to escape. Coman’s examination revealed a ruptured ligament inside the knee. Bayern Munich did not disclose specific duration of Coman’s departure. Local media in Germany believe that Coman should focus on rehabilitation at least for two months. He hopes to return by April when he will be able to win the Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League.

There is a big void in the club. He was responsible for Bayern Munich’s side attacks with Leroy Sane this season

Upamecano’s injury left only Matthias de Ligt at center back. Dier, who was brought in from the transfer market this winter, was playing as a starter and urgently filling the vacancy.
Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel matched the composition of the center back by recruiting Kim Min-jae from Upamecano and The Licht, who have been working together since last season. To use four-back, there should be at least four center-backs, and the intention was to manage the season through the arrangement of the participation because the three were so good.

With Kim Min-jae’s return, Bayern Munich will be able to take a breather. Considering Kim Min-jae’s influence in offense and defense, just by playing, Bayern Munich will be able to continue its journey to reclaim the lead again. 토토

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