There is a player whose team training is too painful. He is Mickey van de Pen, a key center back for Tottenham in the English Premier League.

He moved to Tottenham this season from Wolfsburg, Germany. Tottenham played a key role in leading the league this season, and is still playing a key defender after returning from a brief absence due to injury. Acclaimed Tottenham as the best player they have recruited this season.

Van de Pen, a member of the Dutch national team and emerging as a world-class defender, complained of difficulties in Tottenham team training. It is because of training as hard as playing in real games. Why is team training so hard for him? It is because we have to stop Tottenham’s ace Son Heung-min in training. After selling the hard work that opposing players do on the field, the pen is doing it every time at the training ground.

Of course, it is tough to play against Son Heung-min, who is evaluated as one of the best strikers in the EPL, every training session. Van de Pen confessed his difficulties.

“It is too difficult to face Son at the training ground. Son is the most difficult player to face on the training ground. I think highly of Son. He is the best player. And he is the best captain as well. On and off the field, Son always wants to lead a team,” he confessed.

He added, “Even outside the stadium, Son always thinks about soccer. Of course, I have personal conversations with Son, but he is always thinking about soccer.”

“When I look at Son Heung-min, I can see how high-quality he is. Son’s touch, finish, and appearance on the field are always at the forefront of Tottenham,” he praised.

In response to Van de Pen’s comment, England’s Tbrfootball stated, “Son Heung-min, a world-class player, is one of the strikers who defenders fear. It is no surprise that he is difficult to play against Son in training. Son can finish with both feet and boasts an explosion of pace. Even though he is 31 years old, he shows no signs of slowing down.” 안전놀이터

“Under the leadership of Angel Postecoglou, Son and Van de Pen are in the best position. We want to see Son and Van de Pen have a showdown at the Tottenham training ground,” he said.

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