Harry Kane 30, Munich even wants his teammate and best friend Eric Dier 30 to win the national team again.

Dyer is the player undergoing the most dramatic changes of the season. Dyer started the 2023-24 season with Tottenham. Newly appointed Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou has indicated his intention not to recruit Dyer, who has recently suffered a slump. In the end, Dyer was classified as a resource other than his capacity.

Dyer looked for a new team in the winter transfer market, and the Munich transfer, which surprised everyone, took place. Until this season, it was a loan-type contract that included a one-year extension option and a full transfer clause.

Munich had difficulties in forming a central defense line this season. As Dayot Upamecano and Matejas de Licht repeatedly escaped injury, the burden on Kim has increased. Kim Min-jae had an extreme incident as he played in all 16 games in the first half. Eventually, manager Thomas Tuchel decided that he needed to recruit a central defender and decided to recruit Dyer.

It is known that Kane was responsible for Munich’s recruitment of Dyer. England’s Football Insider said at the time, “Kane highly recommended Dyer. The two players played together for Tottenham and have maintained a very close relationship since childhood. Kane encouraged Tuchel and Munich Boardjin to recruit Dyer.”

After moving to Munich, Dier gradually increased his chances to play, and recently became the starting player. Dier started in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 match against Lazio in the 2023-24 season. Kim Min-jae, who had been active throughout the first half of the season, was absent from the bench.

It was shocking news to the local community that Kim Min-jae was absent and Dyer started. “Surprisingly, Dyer played instead of Kim Min-jae and rewarded Tuchel with a good play,” Germany’s “Mercur” said.

This is not the end. Kane is also hoping for Dyer’s return to the England squad. Kane praised Dyer after the match against Lazio, saying that “Dyer has shown his qualities with the ball and he has shown himself as a leader.”

He added, “Die has to continue to be the way he is. Gareth Southgate, England’s national team coach, will be delighted to see his top-notch performance. Die has played well for the national team in recent years. He was absent from the Euro list but was with us at the World Cup. I am very proud of him.” 토토사이트

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