Grow with uS, GS’ GS Sports Professional Football Team FC Seoul (hereinafter referred to as FC Seoul) will host the Banana Kick Canon Shot Challenge with Nongshim. The “Banana Kick Canon Shoot Challenge” is a competition that uses a speed gun to determine the team that recorded the fastest shot, and is held together by South Korea’s leading professional soccer team FC Seoul and Nongshim to support amateur soccer, with a total prize of 4 million won.

The Banana Kick Canon Shoot Challenge will be held during the FC Seoul home game from August to September. The recruitment categories are university soccer clubs (men), university soccer clubs (women), and youth soccer clubs (U-12) in Seoul, and the preliminary rounds of each category will be held at the FC Seoul outdoor venue before the FC Seoul home game. A team that has achieved an excellent record in the preliminary round will advance to the final round on the halftime field ground and determine the final winner. 토토사이트

Teams wishing to participate in each category can apply through the FC Seoul Event Page from July 28 . Participating teams in the preliminary round will receive free banana kicks and free viewing of FC Seoul home games, while Nongshim will award 500,000 won, 300,000 won and 200,000 won in soccer development subsidies to the first, second, and third-place teams in each category.

In addition, various events such as banana kick shooting games and banana kick table curling games will be held at the outdoor venue. Any soccer fan or visitor who visits the stadium can participate, and if the mission is successful, a banana kick will be provided to present a pleasant experience.

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