The Scientific Games Corporation congratulates its longtime Instant Game partner, the Florida Lottery, for breaking the single-week retail sales record for instant games in the United States. Floridians purchased $126,250,558 in Scratch-off in the week ending March 3, 2019, which led to more than $23.3 million in revenue from the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund, which benefits Florida students. The Instant Game Sales Record Week broke the previous U.S. record for a lottery set in 2018. The record week comes just six months after the lottery announced annual sales that broke its record for the seventh consecutive fiscal year in 2018.

The new weekly sales record week was led by the lottery’s newly released $15 million gold rush special edition, which sold $29.5 million in the week ending March 3. The hit game is in addition to the lottery’s popular gold rush “family,” which is available in prices of $1, 2, 5, 10, and 20. Overall, the Gold Rush family sold $62.88 million in the week ending March 3.

Also, the Florida Lottery’s latest five games, a $1,000,000 ruck, set a one-week sales record for five games with $8.91 million in sales. 온라인카지노사이트

All of these games were provided by Scientific Games, the world’s largest lottery instant game designer, manager, and manufacturer. The company is a longtime scratch-offs company of the lottery, which currently supplies 99 percent of lottery instant games.

Jim Poppell, director of the Florida Lottery Bureau, said, “We’re not trying to break the national lottery industry record, but we’re starting to raise funds to improve Florida’s education. These records are just testament to the careful research, planning, and marketing that goes into our scratch games to provide Floridians with fun and entertainment value. It’s great to see our players have fun, and we look forward to continuing to provide them with the best games available.”

Instant gaming is an important part of Florida Lottery’s gaming portfolio, which accounts for about 69.4% of total revenue in fiscal 2018. Lottery participates in the Scientific Games Enhanced Partnership Program, which provides instant game design, programming, manufacturing, internal sales, marketing, warehouse storage, distribution, and retail services. The company serves more than 13,000 Florida Lottery retailers at its facility in Orlando.

“Scientific Games celebrates the Florida lottery in another record sales week for Scratchoff. We’re honored to be the lottery’s instant game partner and help them in their mission to generate the most funding for education in the state,” said John Schultz, Scientific Games’ senior vice president of instant products. “This success comes from working very closely over the years to create and market the games that drive the outcome.”

Scientific Games launched the world’s first secure instant game in 1974. The company provides games, technologies, and services to more than 150 lottery tickets around the world, including almost all North American ones.

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