Jamie Carragher points out Andre Onana’s behavior towards Harry Maguire.

It’s safe to say that Maguire has been the most criticized player in soccer in recent years. The biggest issue is his performance. Since joining Manchester United, Maguire’s performances have been on a downward spiral. United fans and England fans alike have begun to criticize Maguire after watching him struggle.

The problem was that the intensity of the criticism became too much and bordered on accusations. The level of criticism has become so intense that some have suggested that Maguire is receiving too much blame and ridicule in the name of criticism. Recently, Maguire’s mother took to social media to plead with people to stop criticizing Maguire.

Carragher’s thoughts were similar. In his opinion, the criticism of Maguire has gone too far. He also pointed out that the behavior of Onana, who joined United this season, has exacerbated Maguire’s current situation.

The UK’s Daily Mail reported that “Carragher has been unkind to Maguire. Carragher believes Maguire was too tired to defend himself against Onana’s over-intellectualizing. He thinks Maguire deserves more respect from his United teammates.” The Daily Mail noted Carragher’s behavior.

Carragher wrote on social media, “I know Onana is leading by example at the club and I like the fact that he communicates. But to do that to the club’s captain (Maguire) in a pre-season game, less than two minutes into his time at the club, was a little too much.”

The game Carragher is referring to is a friendly between United and Borussia Dortmund in July. At the time, Onana shouted at Maguire after he made a mistake. It was a wake-up call. It’s 토토사이트 something goalkeepers often do to defenders in dangerous situations, but Carragher says Onana’s behavior wasn’t right given Maguire’s situation.

“I felt he was trying hard to show the fans what kind of player he is,” Carragher continued. The problem is that he broke down and didn’t say anything,” he said, adding that Maguire was embarrassed by Onana’s behavior.

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