Full House Resorts has proposed to the New Mexico State Racing Board to build “La Posada del Lano,” a destination resort that includes a racetrack, casino, luxury hotel, 18-hole golf course, water park, and other amenities in the eastern plains of New Mexico. The Las Vegas-based company operates five casinos and related lodging and entertainment facilities across the United States. The development proposal was submitted in response to the New Mexico State Racing Board’s race process for a sixth race license.

“We believe that eastern New Mexico has tremendous potential to attract visitors from all over the region, including nearby Amarillo, Lubbock, and other parts of West Texas,” said Daniel Lee, president and CEO of the Full House Resort. “We are proposing to build a full-area destination resort that involves more than just a racetrack and a casino. Such development will become the region’s main attraction and amenities while producing more jobs, more development, more tax revenue, and more racetracks.”

Differentiating the proposed racetrack will be a “moving grandstand,” a unique feature that will change the way fans experience real horse racing. Similar to trams or streetcars, the moving grandstand has stadium seating for hundreds of guests, and moves around at the same speed as a racehorse, giving spectators a unique close-up view of the horse that can be seen throughout the race.

Mr. Li said, “In a typical race, the spectators in the stands only see the short moments of the start of the race and the last two seconds of the finish line. Our moving grandstand changes that, allowing the spectators to race side-by-side with horses for every dramatic second. By recreating the viewing experience, we want to open up horse racing to a new generation of fans.”

The development also includes a premium RV park, a water park located on the track’s infield, and a five-mile recreational riding trail.

“We wanted to design facilities that the city of Clovis, and indeed, the entire state of New Mexico, could be proud of,” said Lee. “La Posada del Rano will attract a wide range of guests, from those who enjoy quality racetracks, those interested in our unique amenities, and even those who are interested in family entertainment.”

“We are committed to building projects that provide luxury experiences and complement the unique historical character of the region,” Lee continued. “We believe that this will help transform Clovis into a year-round tourist destination.”

La Posada Delano pays homage to Hispanic heritage and the region’s population. “La Posada” means “inns” in Spanish and the area is known as “Rano Estacado,” which translates to “short grass plain.” The full house management team previously developed L’Auberge du Lac, the largest and most successful casino resort in Louisiana. “L’Auberge du Lac” means “an inn on the lake” and pays homage to Louisiana’s French cultural history. 바카라사이트 추천

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