Hana One-Q coach Kim Do-wan is watching the game.
We’ve gotten better as a team.

The reversal of women’s professional basketball team Hana One Q received much attention during the 2023-2024 season. Before the season, the team reversed expectations of the lowest ranking team and played defense based on salty water. With three games left in the regular season, the team is poised to advance to the playoff with nine wins and 18 losses. The team also has a clear advantage in its opponent team against No. 5 Shinhan Bank.

This is Hana One Q’s first PO. Founded in 2012, Hana One Q has never ranked as a PO. It ranked second in the regular league and second in the championship game during the 2015-2016 season, but was nullified due to the Chelsea Lee incident. At the time, Chelsea Lee said her grandmother was Korean and played in Korea as a mixed-race player. However, documents were found to have been falsified while reviewing national team members’ naturalization status. Since then, Hana One Q has been at the bottom of the list.

She finished the season last for two consecutive seasons. She has been a weak player in the women’s professional basketball league, with only 11 wins during the two seasons.

However, the change has changed since veteran Kim Jong-un returned to his old team in the free agent market this season. Hana One Q, which lacked centrality, was united. Although there were still more losing days than winning days, he gained strength to bite the opponent in every game.

There are still some parts that don’t match, Hana One Q coach Kim Do-wan said. However, the players have shown consideration for each other, adding, It is encouraging that the trust between me and the players has been built.

He shows his strength by erasing the sense of defeat. Jihyun Shin and Yang In-young, who had a strong image as the ace of the underdog team, also change their evaluations. At the end of the season, Park So-hee, a former rookie of the year, is playing well. All players play more than expected. PO, which felt far away, is also around the corner.

The players themselves are well aware of the current situation. I am encouraging them rather than strongly speaking. (Kim) Jung-eun is serving as a bridgehead. She is getting better as a team, Kim said. I regret that individual players have come so far as a team. The motivation is that the five players have become one. 안전 토토사이트

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