Shameful 0-0! 45 minutes in the first half was a disaster, the only good part is the goalkeeper.

Chinese media criticized the Chinese national team’s performance after a rough match with Tajikistan.

China, ranked 79th in FIFA, got off to a shaky start by tying Tajikistan 0-0 at the first Group A match of the Qatar Asian Cup at Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium in Doha, Qatar on Wednesday. As this Asian Cup is the first time for Tajikistan to participate, the damage to China was much bigger.

After the match, Chinese portal “Sina Dotcom” published a somewhat provocative article, saying, “Shameful 0-0! The winning goal was canceled, and the hope of advancing to the tournament disappeared by drawing with Tajikistan.”

The media called the 45th minute a disaster. “When Tajikistan shot 12 times in the first half, China only shot three. The Chinese midfielder couldn’t catch the ball at all and made mistakes repeatedly, such as pass and reception from the backcourt to the frontcourt. China’s first half was really bad.” The total number of shots fired was nine in China and 20 in Tajikistan.

“The only good thing was that goalkeeper Jan Jun-ling was in good condition. Jan Jun-ling tried to defend the goal by catching the high ball and blocking the shot,” Sina said in a comment.

“Sina Dotcom” commented that Jankovic’s change of players in the second half started to revive his offense. At the 35th minute of the second half, Juche Zie scored with a header. However, a Chinese player’s offside foul was found and the goal was cancelled as a result of the VAR operation.

“The score was completely unexpected. Players on the bench also looked puzzled and angry,” Sina Dotcom said.

Sports Weekly Mothering reporter mentioned the refereeing issue. He wrote on his personal social media in real time, “As I said before the Asian Cup, referees will give us difficulties! Was Jang Kwang-tai in the offside position when Juche’s goal was negated? I think it’s a ridiculous refereeing because Jang Kwang-tai was not involved in scoring. The referees must not get along well with China! I have said it since the home game of the World Cup qualifier against Korea in November last year. Again! The status of Chinese soccer is…” In November last year, China was completely defeated 0-3 at home against Korea.

Captain Zhang Linfeng said that the large number of players who competed in the tournament for the first time after the match seemed to have affected their performance. “We played very well in the second half, but it’s a shame that the goal was not recognized,” he said.

“The Korean team was passive in the new Asian Cup. It must be because of the pressure brought by the recent anti-corruption scandal or the tension in the first match. We have to adjust as soon as possible, but we cannot afford to lose in the second round.” China was in Group A with Tajikistan, Lebanon, and Qatar. 먹튀검증

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