The Jinju City Basketball Association established a 3×3 team and will begin its activities this year.

Jinju City has been steadily active based on sports basketball, but since 2022, it has expanded its range to 3×3 by hosting the KXO 3×3 Jinju Tour. The KXO 3×3 Jinju Tour, which started with Chairman Kim In-sung’s will to revitalize Jinju basketball, will be held in Jinju for the third consecutive year as it has also been confirmed to be held this year.

Kim In-sung, chairman of the Jinju City Basketball Association, who held the KXO 3×3 Jinju Tour for two years and confirmed the possibility of 3×3 since the end of last year, has been busy with the goal of establishing the Jinju 3×3 team tentative name, and it has come to fruition in 2024. 먹튀검증

The Jinju City Basketball Association directly entered the foundation to revitalize 3×3 not only in Jinju but also in Gyeongnam, and recently confirmed a team of seven players, and will enter the 3×3 stage in earnest from 2024.

The Jinju 3×3 team, which will start its new activities from 2024, has confirmed its name as “Hamo Jinju,” and will participate in the 2024 KXO League with seven players including Kim Ji-hoon, Kim Sang-hoon, Kim Min-soo, Kang Han-byul, Jeon Sung-jin, Lee Sung-joon, and Koo Beop-mo. Among them, Kim Min-soo is a player with the same name from SK and has an unusual background as a teacher in Jinju.

“Hamo Jinju,” a name adopted by the Jinju City Basketball Association, is meaningful. Hamo is a representative character of Jinju City with the motif of otter, a natural monument that lives in Jinyangho and Namgang River, and the name of Hamo is not allowed in other sports registered with the Jinju City Sports Council. However, the city government approved the use of the team name “Hamo” only for 3×3 teams to encourage the creation of 3×3 teams, and the newly launched 3×3 team will be able to use the team name “Hamo Jinju” that represents the region.

Kim In-sung, president of the Jinju City Basketball Association, said, “I am happy that Jinju City players can participate in the 3×3 stage in Korea. Jinju City has such a barren image of basketball that our Jinju basketball players have suffered a lot. Despite the difficulties, there were many players with strong passion for basketball in our Jinju area. Through the creation of “Hamo Jinju,” I hope that the players in our Jinju area will show their skills on the national stage without regret,” he said.

Hamo Jinju, which will debut through the 2024 KXO 3×3 Hongcheon Tour and the first round of the KXO League, which will begin on the 27th, expressed its determination to do its best with the goal of participating in the FIBA 3×3 Hongcheon Challenger 2024 and the National Sports Festival, which are scheduled to be held in May.

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