Golf platform Kakao VX recorded 900 billion won in golf course reservations last year.

According to Kakao VX’s 2023 Settlement Report on Wednesday, the cumulative number of members exceeded 1.72 million as of the end of last year. The figure represents a 21 percent increase year-on-year.

The number of affiliated golf courses totaled 349 in 2022, up 31 from 318 in 2022. The number of tee times opened over the past year was 6.5 million. The number of tee times increased by 41% year-on-year, and it turned out that it received high support from golfers including golf courses. The amount of golf course broadcasts connected by the “Kakao Golf Reservation” platform over the past year was estimated to be about 900 billion won.

It has also been confirmed that self-check-in for non-face-to-face services has quickly established itself. Launched in June 2021, when the demand for non-face-to-face services grew due to the influence of COVID-19, the feature was utilized 220,000 times last year alone. It has grown 57% year-on-year, becoming a new trend in the era of popularization of golf. An official from Kakao VX said, “It is gaining popularity especially in areas where it is difficult to find manpower. Golf courses where the use of self-check-in exceeds 90% per day have also appeared.”

Kakao VX is carrying out a variety of activities that suit the situation by listening to the opinions of the field and golfers. It has collaborated with Rakuten Gora, a golf reservation company, to launch a real-time reservation service for golf courses in Japan, and recently launched a free shuttle bus round-trip operation in the Seoul metropolitan area that directly connects golf courses in Honam.

In August last year, it was the first in the industry to launch a “Kakao Golf Reservation” membership (subscription) service that includes two benefits: 200,000 won compensation for rain hole-out, unlimited subscription, field hole-in-one compensation, and accident insurance during golf, creating a new wind in the golf industry. 토토사이트

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