Genius girl’ Kim Eun-ji (16) 8th Dan ‘Empress of Baduk’ She defeated Choi Jeong (27), 9th dan, and reached the women’s standard.Kim Eun-ji defeated Choi Jeong in 250 moves in the final match of the 7th Haeseong Women’s Tournament held at the Korea Baduk TV Studio in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 19th.Kim Eun-ji, who lost the first game, won two games in a row and achieved a come-from-behind victory with an overall record of 2-1.

It was also a moment of revenge on Choi Jeong, who had recently inflicted defeats on him repeatedly. Kim Eun-ji reached the finals of the Women’s Tournament last year, the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea Cup in August this year, and the Doctor G Women’s Best Knight Tournament in September, but she bowed to Choi Jeong each time.In addition, with this win, Eunji Kim was promoted one level under special promotion rules.Kim Eun-ji, who joined in 무료슬롯게임 January 2020, became a professional player in the shortest period and the youngest to reach 9th dan.

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