Former Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong, 52, who has moved to Seoul to become the new head coach of professional soccer’s K League 1 FC Seoul, said goodbye to his beloved Pohang fans in a handwritten letter.

Kim wrote on the Pohang Steelers’ social media account on Thursday, “I’m going to tell you something that’s hard to say today. I’m going to transfer to FC Seoul after this season,” he said, adding, “Some of you may not understand, but I hope you can understand my heart that I can’t talk much here.”

“I joined Pohang as a player in 1991 and played for three years, and then I was transferred for a while, but since 2003, I have lived in Pohang for 24 years, and I love the city of Pohang, and I think I have been living with only the Pohang Steelers in mind,” he said.

On the same day, FC Seoul officially announced the appointment of Kim as the club’s 15th head coach.

The club described Kim as “a coach whose strength is his excellent insight into the opponent’s strategy based on a complete tactical system,” and “a coach who is praised for his ability to use various data to implement high-level strategies and showcase his quick judgment and eight-color response.”

Pohang fans also expressed their disappointment on the club’s SNS.

In a handwritten letter to the fans, Kim said, “In 2019, when I took over as the first head coach, I started with many difficult tasks, but I gained courage and hope from the support and passionate support and interest of the fans.” “This year, the 50th anniversary of the team’s founding and my fifth year as head coach, we were able to achieve good results in winning the FA Cup, finishing second in the league, and securing the round of 16 in the ACL,” he reflected.

“I think the pens had a greater share in the good results in the midst of difficulties,” he said, “and I ask for even greater support for Pohang to achieve good results in the future. I apologize for greeting you in December, the last month of the year.”

“The beginning of Kim Ki-dong as a professional player and the beginning of Kim Ki-dong as a leader has always been Pohang,” he said, “I will dream of the day when I will see you here again as a bigger person. I will never forget the love I received from Pohang fans,” he concluded. 먹튀검증

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