Kim Woo-min (22) and Hwang Sun-woo (20-plus, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province), who sparked a renaissance in Korean swimming with their gold medal performances at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, have received more than $20 million in prize money. The Korean Swimming Federation held an Asian Games prize-giving ceremony on Thursday at the Olympic Parktel in Bangdong, Songpa-gu, Seoul .At the Hangzhou Asian Games, which concluded on Aug. 8, the Korean swimming organization won 22 medals (6 gold, 6 silver and 10 bronze).

This is two more gold medals than in Guangzhou 2010 (4 gold, 3 silver, 6 bronze), which was previously remembered as the best-performing Asian Games for KASF. In addition, Korean records were set in 14 events. Diving also won six medals (two silver, four bronze), the most at a single Asian Games, surpassing the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang (two silver, three bronze) and 2014 Incheon (one silver, four bronze).

He also won a bronze medal in open water swim .According to the Korean Swimming Federation’s compensation plan, Asian Games gold medalists receive 10 million won (USD) individually and 20 million won (USD) as a team (split among competitors). Silver medalists will receive 2 million won (individual) and 4 million won (team), while bronze medalists will receive 1 million won (individual) and 2 million won (team).

For the Asian record, the individual and team will receive 10 million won, and for the Korean record, an additional 1 million won for the individual and 2 million won for the team. The athlete who received the most money at the ceremony was Kim Woo-min. Kim won three gold medals in the men’s 400-meter and 800-meter freestyle events and the men’s 800-meter freestyle relay as an individual. He set a Korean record in the 800-meter freestyle and an Asian record in the 800-meter freestyle relay. The Korean Swimming Federation awarded Kim a total of 28.83 million won.

The ‘ace of the golden generation’ Hwang Sun-woo’s timeline at the Huangzhou Asian Games was also colorful. On Sept. 24, he won the men’s 100-meter freestyle (third), the men’s 800-meter freestyle relay (first) on Sept. 25, the men’s 400-meter medley relay (second) on Sept. 26, and the men’s 200-meter freestyle (first) and mixed medley relay (third) on Sept. 27. This brings his total medal tally in Hangzhou to six, with two gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

Individually, Hwang set a new Korean record in the men’s 200-meter freestyle and an Asian record in the 800-meter freestyle relay, earning him a total of 289,800 won in medal and record money. Ji Yoo-chan (Daegu Metropolitan City Hall), who won the men’s 50-meter freestyle, received KRW 10.315 million; Baek In-chul (Busan City Hall), who won the men’s 50-meter butterfly, received KRW 10.2 million; and Lee Ho-joon (Daegu Metropolitan City Hall), who finished third in the men’s 200-meter freestyle and first in the 800-meter freestyle relay,스포츠토토존 received KRW 8.474 million.

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