ESPN in the U.S., South Korea’s soccer power championship, question mark on Klinsmann’s leadership

Directed by Jurgen Klinsmann.

“In terms of the composition of the players, he is the best ever, but coach Klinsmann is his weakness.”

The evaluation of Korean soccer fans and the view of the U.S. sports media ESPN were not different.

ESPN released an analysis on the 9th under the banner, “There is Son Heung-min in the Korean national soccer team, but is Klinsmann the right person?”

The media rated Korean soccer highly overall, pointing to Korea’s World Cup, Olympic and Asian Games performances, and the status of the K-League.

South Korea, led by Son Heung-min Tottenham, selected as a candidate for the Asian Cup, which has players playing in European big leagues such as Kim Min-jae Bayern Munich, Lee Kang-in Paris Saint-Germain, and Hwang Hee-chan Wolverhampton.

“Coach Jürgen Klinsmann is optimistic about winning the Asian Football Confederation AFC Asian Cup, as he introduced his challenge for the first time in 64 years, saying that South Korea is aiming to reach the top of the Asian Football Confederation AFC Asian Cup stage since 1960.

As for Son, he said, “He is by far the best among the players who are participating in this Asian Cup. There is no better player than Son.” “Defender Kim Min-jae won the Serie A title at Napoli and moved to Munich, where he was nominated for the Ballon d’Or. Hwang Hee-chan Wolverhampton who is playing for the EPL has 10 goals and three assists. Lee Kang-in is a starting member of PSG.”

It is natural to be considered a strong candidate for the Korean national soccer team, but ESPN questioned the ability of coach Klinsmann, who was the best striker.

As for Klinsmann, who signed a contract through 2026 as Korea’s new head coach in February last year, he was fired after less than a season at Bayern Munich, and Philippe Lam then Munich player called him tactically incompetent. As the coach of the U.S. national team, he lost 0-4 to Costa Rica, failing to advance to the World Cup, before being pushed out. “I was miserably replaced in 76 days by Hertha Berlin Germany in 2019, when I was leading the team just before the Korean national team.”

He also agreed with the German media’s assessment that “the real power was in the head coach of Joheim Loeb,” regarding his performance in the semifinals of the World Cup as a member of the German national team. He also predicted negatively, saying, “It will not be easy for Klinsmann to achieve the desired results in the Asian Cup.”

Lee Kang-in and Son Heung-min.

This is something that was always pointed out even before ESPN pointed it out.

Korean soccer fans have not been able to give trust to Coach Klinsmann so far. Contrary to his promise when he took office, Coach Klinsmann spends more time at home in California than in Korea. When controversy over his work from home arises, he says, “This is my style,” which is a stark contrast from when he took office. Some even say that he seems to be more interested in foreign football trends than in the national team.

During the warm-up match, it was also known that he asked the opponent team’s Wales captain Aaron Ramsey for a uniform, and he even heard ridiculous criticism. When “captain” Son Heung-min and others are introduced at the stadium, there are hot cheers and applause, but when introducing Klinsmann, some of the stands booed.

Although the national team has continued its winning streak and losing no points, coach Klinsmann’s colorless and tasteless tactics have always come under fire. Some say that he is lucky to have accumulated wins by confronting relatively weak opponents. Some criticize that the coach is incompetent to show only this level of performance with such strong performance. Negative public opinion still prevails against coach Klinsmann. Attention is focusing on whether coach Klinsmann will be able to remove the “Clinsman risk” and keep his “promise” to win the Asian Cup. 메이저 토토사이트

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