The Lakers’ intentions to bolster their roster are clear.

On July 15 (KST), local U.S. media outlet Bleacher Report reported on Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell. “Mitchell could be on the trade market this summer if Cleveland and Mitchell can’t agree on an extension. The Los Angeles Lakers are the most likely suitors for Mitchell,” the report said.

Mitchell is currently Cleveland’s undisputed ace. Darius Garland hasn’t lived up to expectations, and Evan Mobley has been tremendous on defense, but has a long way to go on offense. 온라인카지노 This makes the Cavs absolutely dependent on Mitchell’s offense.

Mitchell has also grown into the ace role in Cleveland. Mitchell was known as a potent scorer during his time with the Utah Jazz, but he’s taken it to the next level in Cleveland.

Mitchell averaged 26.6 points and 6.1 assists per game this season. Where Mitchell has improved the most in Cleveland is his passing. Mitchell’s 6.1 assists per game is a career high.

Obviously, the Cavs don’t want to let him go. The problem is that Mitchell will be a free agent after the 2024-2025 season. The Cavs will want to re-sign him for any amount of money.

The problem is Mitchell’s will. Mitchell has said in interviews that he wants to win consistently. He”s also expressed his desire to play for a big-market team. Mitchell was born in New York City. Before his move to Cleveland, the New York Knicks were the most likely destination for Mitchell.

The Cavaliers, on the other hand, are a solid small-market team. They’re also far from a championship contender. For Mitchell, the Cavaliers were a bad fit on both fronts.

The Lakers are a different story. The Lakers are the best big-market team in the NBA. They’re also more of a championship contender than the Cavs, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis anchoring the lineup. These are conditions Mitchell would be happy with.

But there’s no reason for Cleveland to let him go so easily. When the Cavs acquired Mitchell from Utah in a trade just a season ago, they received Lauri Markkanen, Collin Sexton, Ochai Akbazi, and three first-round picks.

That’s a lot of money. Cleveland would want to recoup that price tag if they sent Mitchell away. The Lakers, on the other hand, don’t have a compelling prospect and are short on draft picks. It would be impossible for them to match Cleveland’s demands.

It will be interesting to see if Mitchell stays in Cleveland this summer.

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