Actor Lee Jin-uk is shown in this file photo, Dec. 15. Courtesy of Netflix

For Lee Jin-uk’s fans, the actor is still remembered for the much-talked-about scene from the 2015 body-swap romance film, “The Beauty Inside,” where his dazzling looks elicited exclamations from the audience. In Netflix’s apocalyptic horror series “Sweet Home,” however, he plays a character he has never tried before: a strangely calm, scarred thug with a mysterious past.In Season 2, which was unveiled early this month, Lee plays the same character Pyeon Sang-wook whose body is occupied by the parasitic monster human Jung Ui-myeong.”The character must be something that the audience would not imagine me playing,” Lee said during an interview with a group of reporters in Seoul on Friday. “He has facial scars and is frightening to look at — not someone you would want to bump into.”

“But it was a new challenge for me, and I’ve received positive feedback,” he said, adding “I am pretty attached to the character.” “It is a role that is sure to remain in my memory for a long time .”Based on Naver’s eponymous webtoon, the first season of the original Korean series took off instantly after it went on air in December 2020. Its twisted post-apocalyptic tale, fantastical elements and outlandish gore backed by a powerful ensemble cast captivated a global audience .Featuring multiple new characters, the new season escalates into an all-out survival war as individuals battle the monster curse out in the open. With its world view greatly expanded, some viewers complain new subplots layer too much complexity onto the main storyline. “I think many questions viewers have could be answered in Season 3,” the actor said. “I definitely believe when you watch Season 3, you would want to watch Season 1 and 2 all over again.”

Since his debut in 2003 as a Panasonic model, he has been slowly pushing boundaries into acting, appearing in TV series, such as tvN’s 2013 time-slip “Nine-Times Time Travel” and the 2018 crime thriller “Voice 2” on OCN, and movies, including the 2016 sci-fi thriller “Time Renegades” and the 2021 romance “A Year-End Medley” by director Kwak Jae-yong.”I am proud of myself to have continued acting and surviving in the cut-throat entertainment industry,” the 42-year-old actor said. “When people say they were touched by my performance, it makes me think I have lived a decent life. That is enough. “While he became comfortable with getting negative feedback from the public, he said he cares more about how he is perceived by younger actors. “I want to be a role model whom they can look up to,” he said .Down-to-earth and humble, Lee expressed his gratitude for every role and opportunity that he’s given, and said he now has a more relaxed attitude towards working — and life in general. “Everyone will reach a point in life when something they didn’t understand when young suddenly makes perfect sense,” he said. “Getting old isn’t about good or bad. It’s 카지노사이트킹 about finding the positive side of a situation.” 

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