Ahead of the announcement of the national soccer team, fans’ attention was focused on whether Lee Kang-in was selected.

It was belatedly revealed that he physically clashed with national team captain Son Heung-min at the Asian Cup last month,

Lee Kang-in even visited Son Heung-min in London and apologized, but there were many criticisms.

There was also a big argument that Lee Kang-in should be excluded from the starting lineup, but Hwang’s opinion was different.

If Lee Kang-in joins the national team, criticism is inevitable at any time, he said, expressing his willingness to take responsibility.

Hwang Sunhong / Interim coach of the national soccer team: This decision was made entirely by me, the coach. I don’t think this problem will be solved just by not calling (Lee Kangin) this time.

Hwang and Lee Kang-in collaborated to win a gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games last year.

The background of the national team’s recruitment was that Hwang was the person who knew better than anyone how to use Lee Kang-in, his “pity.”

Coach Hwang believes that the best way to atone is to eventually show good results on the field.

Hwang Sunhong / Interim coach of the national soccer team: I think the best way to solve what happened on the field is to solve it as soon as possible

Lee Kang-in has been suffering from sluggishness for a while since the Asian Cup transfer, but he has recently recovered his skills, scoring his first help in the European Champions League last week.

As director Hwang said, concerns and expectations are mixed as to whether he will show good results by becoming stronger than before. 배트맨토토

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