The controversy over the physical conflict during the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup ended with Lee Kang-in apologizing to captain Son Heung-min.

“Lee Kang-in visited London and apologized to captain Son Heung-min,” adding, “I said, ‘I am grateful to Heung-min for readily accepting the apology.’

The media said, “The coach was recently fired from the Korean national team, which was eliminated from the semifinals of the Asian Cup, and one of the reasons was the suspicion of internal strife during the tournament.”

“The evening before the Asian Cup semi-final, there was an argument between some young players who were playing table tennis after eating early and Son Heung-min who challenged this behavior,” he said. “As a result, Son Heung-min reportedly dislocated his finger. Lee Kang-in, who was pointed out as one of the parties, acknowledged this on his official SNS on the 15th and wrote an apology.”

Lee Kang-in later apologized again on the 21st by posting a lengthy message on social media, saying, “My short thoughts and rash actions have caused great disappointment to the whole team, including (Son) Heung-min, and soccer fans,” and made up in London, where Son Heung-min lives, through dialogue.

Lee Kang-in’s apology said, “I thought it was important for Heung-min to visit his brother in person and apologize sincerely, and I had time to understand the weight of the team’s captain and look back on myself through long conversations,” adding, “I knew with my head how desperate it was for Heung-min, but I think all the problems started in parts where I could not fully understand his desperation with my heart and with my actions.”

Lee Kang-in expressed his position by saying, “In particular, Heung-min did not listen to the advice he gave me as a captain and as a team-mate, but only expressed my opinion,” and “I did something I should never have done at the meal that day. I deeply regret these points,” “I lacked a lot even though respect and dedication to the team are the most important things,” and “I contacted each of the other seniors and colleagues of the national team and apologized.”

Japanese netizens responded to the article by saying, “Lee must have been embarrassed by the situation, such as being treated as ‘enemy of the people’ and advertising going down,” and, “It is unlikely that his personality will change all of a sudden. After that, he has no choice but to produce results in games,” and “Growing up while making mistakes with young blood.” “I hope that soccer will also grow in humanity.”

YouTube channel “Full & Push” introduced Lee Kang-in’s visit to Son Heung-min and apologized through a video. Among them, the response of Japanese netizens that drew attention is that “there were many criticisms that the contents of the apology letter were so sophisticated that it seemed to have been written by someone.”

A Japanese netizen responded, “Anyone who can write this much content should have discernment and self-control from the beginning.” 토토사이트 추천

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