Ryu Joong-il, head coach of the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team, and players are vowing to do well by taking group photos.

The Hangzhou Asian Games have entered a full-fledged medal race. From the first day of the opening, Korea started off well, pouring out medals in modern pentathlon, taekwondo, and fencing.

The national team also began training at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul for the baseball game that opens next month. After holding a warm-up match with Sangmu, he will leave for Hangzhou, China. It is said that the power is weak, but the players know what the people expect as they have experienced crushing defeats in the Tokyo Olympics and the World Baseball Classic. There is no natural gold medal in any event. We look forward to showing our performance to reach the top of the podium.

An indoor bird’s-eye view of Jamsil Dome Stadium.

The Asian Games are in full swing, but the KBO League must continue to carry out its schedule. There are many games that have already been postponed, so considering the postseason schedule, there is no choice but to take a step forward. While fans’ attention is focused on the game, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) is focusing on finding a solution to LG Doosan and Jamsil Baseball Stadium alternative stadiums. The three organizations will meet on the 26th to share their opinions and begin consultations with the Seoul Metropolitan Government after the Chuseok holiday.

The basic position is to use Jamsil Main Stadium as an alternative stadium until the completion of the new Jamsil Dome Stadium. It has been discussed for more than a year and is known to have communicated with the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The aftermath of belatedly bringing up safety issues and suggesting a “no policy” was greater than expected. It is said that the Seoul Metropolitan Government was also quite embarrassed after the announcement, not the announcement. Real negotiations are expected to begin after a TF team involving the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Hanwha Consortium, LG, Doosan, and KBO is formed.

Drawing of movement safety issues when using Jamsil Main Stadium as a baseball stadium released by Seoul Metropolitan Government. Photo | Seoul City

What’s interesting is that the question of “If Jamsil Main Stadium is used as an alternative stadium, who will cover the additional period and cost until the completion of construction?” is likely to emerge as a new topic. There is a lot of suspicion that the two clubs can push them to pay because they have to pay additional costs for the safety of the spectators.

This is also the reason why the words of a Seoul official, who spoke relatively strongly, saying, “We should consider playing in Suwon or Incheon,” are seen as pressure. It seems to be a pressure with confidence that “LG or Doosan will not leave Jamsil.” It can be interpreted that the baseball community should cover a large portion of the cost because it will build a dome stadium that the baseball community wants. In other words, the complicated counting method was included in the short phrase, “It has changed from an open type to a dome.”

Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium, completed in September 1984, has a total floor area of 111,792 square meters with 65,599 seats, with a maximum capacity of about 100,000 people. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will begin construction of the remodeling of the Olympic Main Stadium in August and complete the construction in December 2026. Photo | Yonhap News Agency

Jamsil Main Stadium has begun remodeling work. Instead of reducing the number of seats to 60,000 seats, it is said that the construction period will take three years to expand the number of seats for the disabled, replace the old land track, and improve the viewing environment. The basic plan is to finish remodeling the main stadium in December 2026.

In December 2026, the Jamsil Sports Mice construction is also in full swing. Since it has been announced that it will start construction in 2026, it will be bitten by the time when the main stadium construction is completed. At best, the renovated main stadium should be left unattended until 2032, when the MICE construction is completed. This is because, as announced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, there is only one passage for spectators to move, and most of them are exposed to construction sites, leading to serious safety issues. 토토사이트

a view of Jamsil Stadium.

It is a bigger belly than a boat to hold an event with 50 to 60 people in a 60,000-seat stadium. It could be pointed out that it is a waste of taxpayers’ money to carry out large-scale construction projects with disputes and leave them unattended for six years. The blame falls solely on the city.

Therefore, the meeting between KBO and LG Doosan may be discussed in consideration of the “worst situation”. The possibility of abandoning the attractive Seoul mayor is close to zero, but the reality is that the club cannot be maintained unless the city supports it. What if LG and Doosan move their hometowns? There are a lot of local governments in Bangil.

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