The contract between Changwon LG and Josh Ibarra has expired. LG has decided to continue with Juan Tello.

LG temporarily brought Ibarra as a foreign player due to an Asem Maray injury. His contract with Ibarra lasted until the 18th, and Ibarra, a Mexican national team member, left the country for the match against the Dominican Republic.

LG, which has a better understanding of defense and decided to continue with selfless Telo, is now waiting for Maray’s return. Maray’s bone bruise has reportedly improved. However, it is difficult to accurately determine when to return as the team has not yet completed its training properly.

LG’s first game after the break from the A-match will be its home game against Chung Kwan-jang on March 1. Whether or not Maray will return is the key to LG’s re-leap. 온라인카지노

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