Liverpool are negotiating with Amorim.

Portuguese soccer transfer expert Pedro Sepulveda said on April 8 “Liverpool offered a three-year contract to coach Huven Amorim, and the monetary clause was almost agreed upon. Negotiations remain, but it is positive that Amorim will become Liverpool’s next coach.”

Liverpool is quickly taking the process of appointing the next coach as Jurgen Klopp has decided to resign after the end of this season. Originally, it was known that Leverkusen coach Xavi Alonso was considered as the first candidate, but Alonso approached the next candidate as he declared to remain at Leverkusen.

Brighton & Hove Albion coach Roberto DeGerbi was also on Liverpool’s list of candidates, but Liverpool started negotiating with Amorim as a priority.

Amorim, who leads Portugal’s prestigious Sporting Lisbon, has been loved by many big clubs since he led Sporting to its first league championship in 19 years in the 2020-2021 season. He is highly regarded for his fast-tempo attacking football tactics and excellent communication skills.

Coach Amorim has expressed his desire to focus on Sporting’s competition to win the league at the moment, but has not made a clear stance on his future next season.

There remains a penalty issue between Sporting and Liverpool, but if there are no major variables, Amorim will be appointed as Liverpool’s coach next season. 메이저사이트

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