Manchester United’s plan to reinforce the front line has been put on hold.

“AC Milan has surpassed Manchester United and is ready to recruit Joshua Zirkje 22, Bologna this summer.”

Zirkjay is well-known as a player from Munich’s youth team. Not only did he make his debut in the high-speed first team in 2019, but he also gained extensive experience through loan transfers to Parma and Anderlecht.

His potential exploded in Bologna. Zirkjay, who completely moved to Bologna in 2022, has stood tall as a key striker in his team, scoring 11 goals and six assists in 31 games this season.

There was a lot of praise. “When I see Zirkjay, I think of Ronaldinho when I see him playing with Barcelona,” Bologna coach Thiago Motta said in an interview.

“Zirkjay is a player no one can compare to. He is enjoying his own soccer. He does his best in the training as well. He always comes to the training ground first from the first day of the pre-season,” he said.

Manchester United’s radar network also detected the steep rise. Manchester United picked Zirkjay as the ideal striker to ease the physical and mental burden on Rasmus Huirun 21.

Manchester United’s interest in Zirkje was serious. Manchester United dispatched scouts to the Bologna-Atalanta match last month to closely monitor Zirkje’s performance.

The recruitment process did not go smoothly. According to the report, Zirkjay, known as Manchester United’s target, is said to have decided to join Milan this summer.

Recruitment of a new striker is considered one of Milan’s goals this summer. As Olivier Giroud 37 is about to expire this summer, he needs a substitute to fill his vacancy.

There is no guarantee of signing Zirkjay. Bologna is asking for 80 million euros about 120 billion won for Zirkjay’s transfer fee in the transfer market this summer. 토토사이트 순위

Milan quickly came up with a deal. “Milan plans to lower his transfer fee by including Alexi Saleemakius 24, who is on loan to Bologna in Zirkjei’s deal,” Gazeta delo Sport said.

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