In fact, it is a failure to recruit. Manchester United put Antony on the transfer market.

The British media Tribune reported on the 23rd, “Manchester United have finished preparing to release Antony for a transfer fee of 50 million euros about 72 billion won. The amount is nearly half of the 95 million euros about 136.5 billion won spent when recruiting him in 2022.”

Manchester United’s owner changed to Jim Ratcliffe during this season. Ratcliffe is very ambitious. “My goal is to smash Manchester City and Liverpool,” he said, expressing his will to strengthen his power.

Bringing someone in means, conversely, that he will clean up existing players who are not good enough. Antony is the first person to be dealt with.

Antony was recruited by Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag because he wanted it strongly. The relationship between the two was strong when they were in Ajax. There was also a controversy over the overpayment at the time of recruitment, but coach Ten Hag pushed it.

In his first season with Manchester United, he scored eight goals, which was not bad. However, he suffered a steep decline in his second year.

Antony is experiencing his worst slump this season. He has no offensive point this season except for one goal in the Carabao Cup.

Most of all, he played in Brazil and England under police investigation for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Nevertheless, coach Ten Hag was busy protecting Antony. “I can explain the reason for his poor performance. It’s very simple. It was because of problems outside the stadium. Antony was fine last season. He was very good during the pre-season as well. The first four games of this season were great as well. He was not the kind of Antony we knew after coming back from police investigation. He is definitely a player who can do better than now.”

“The police investigation had a huge impact on him. That is why the problem must end. When I was in Ajax, I experienced the true value of Antony. He is good at kill passes, crosses, and finishes the game. He is better at big stages such as the UEFA Champions League. I need to get back to the old level soon,” he said.

However, Antony’s rebound has not been achieved. If Antony is traded, the position of manager Ten Hag who brought him in will naturally narrow down. Even before the end of the season, United are tapping the calculator in a new format. 바카라사이트 순위

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